This week the Anivision Hosts gather to talk about their favorite anime series and have an in depth discussion about The Avengers movie.


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News Discussion

  • The Pirate Bay gets banned by the UK High Court (WhatCulture)
    • The Pirate Bay Speaks Out (Kotaku)
  • Miyamoto compares the Vita’s launch to the 3DS (Joystiq)

Quick Hits

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been announced and is set in the future
  • Max Payne will have $30 worth of DLC
  • Microsoft might launch $99 Xbox 360 with Monthly Payment Plan
  • Voice Actor Kenichi Suzumura Forms His Own Agency
  • Haganai to get an OVA coming out September 26th
  • K-ON! Film’s BD/DVD slated for July 18th release in Japan

Disappointment of the Week

  • Layers;Gate pulled from AV production (ANN) (Kotaku)


  • AniProbe The Anivision Hosts
    • What are our favorite anime titles?
    • What are our favorite manga titles?
  • The Avengers Discussion (SPOILERS)

Bonus Content!

The Avengers post credit scene! Will probably be removed soon… :\


  • Intro: “New York, New York” by B.o.B (Crysis 2)
  • Insert: “Syndicate (Nero Remix)” by Skrillex (Syndicate)
  • Ending: “Live to Rise” by Soundgarden (The Avengers)
  • I was right about the Max Payne 3 DLC. You can buy the pre-order now and it was added to the store April 30th.

    • That is just ridiculous.

  • Animeblue

    Nice conversation you guys, even though your picks was very predictable :). I really don’t have any favorite anime titles,  but there are some series that I tend to re-watch more then once.  On the other manga is a different story, there The Breaker series, Change 123, M.W, Vagbond, HunterxHunter and Naruto.As for trend, you guys should be able guess what mines is and do I see myself following  certain  individuals  like Toshiyuki Tsuru andAtsushi Wakabayashi  ? Do I need to answer that since you guys already know the answer to that as well.Side Notes:I’m surprise that Steev actually like Naruto and one of his favorite mangas.  Amuro, Rie Matsumoto and Yoshihiko Umakoshi is teaming up and doing episode #10 of
    Saint Seiya Omega. And Tsuritama#6 is being done by Takaaki Wada

    Steev, you’re not alone with Desert Punk stuff. And why you don’t live the anime of Naruto

    Jrow, the Author and Artist of Freezing,  are working on multiple series right now, so I ‘m curious to know if you’re reading any other series that they’re currently working on.

    Xcom, good luck with getting the promotion   and this week episode of Naruto should be great since it’s Masaaki Kumagai directing and Masayuki Kouda is the Animation Director

    Also the next few episode Eureka Seven AO seem like they’re going to be great and Nazo no Kanojo X#6 and #9 should be good as well

    • I like the Naruto anime. It is just all the long filler which I grow tired of.

      • Animeblue

         I see. Although I gotta admit that some of the past filler episodes has been good

  • Animeblue

    Ah I forgot to use the space bar