This week steev gives his impressions on Diablo III and Max Payne 3, and the Anivision Hosts get together to discuss the revival of Toonami and give their updated impressions on the Spring 2012 Anime Season!



  • Diablo III
  • Max Payne 3

Commercial: MetaVerse

News Discussion

  • The situation with 38 Studios (Forbes)
  • Toonami revival to have new original anime (ANN)

Quick Hits

  • Bioshock Infinite & Tomb Raider have been delayed to 2013
  • Batman Arkham City DLC “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” to release May 29th
  • Capcom re-evaluating on disc DLC
  • Persona 4 The Golden will be coming to the US this fall
  • Voice Actress Yuko Goto goes on hiatus due to health issues
  • Gundam Unicorn will be getting a 7th episode

Lawl of the Week


  • Updated Impressions:
    • Eureka Seven AO, Hyouka, Jormungand, noitaminA, Kuroko’s Basketball, Zombie Hour, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, Space Bros, Upotte!!, Hunter x Hunter, Gundam Unicorn, and Gundam AGE

Bonus Content! (NSFW)

Kore wa Zombie Manga (NSFW): Image 1 & Image 2


  • Intro: “Esoragoto” by Nano.Ripe (Sankarea)
  • Insert: “Sakamichi no Melody” by Yuki (Kids on the Slope)
  • Ending: “Tears” by Health (Max Payne 3)
  • BGM: Max Payne 3 OST
  • 3 eps of HxH tonight, up to 21.

  • Animeblue

    After listening to Steev’s impressions on Max Payne 3, I decided not to purchase it .

    Seeing that you guys impressions on the spring season is pretty the same as mines.  I going just comment on keys things that you guys had said.

    Steev, I myself don’t see how Eureka Seven AO is so moe

    Jrow,  I agreed that some Jormungand’s gunplay is somewhat to be desire, but their hand to hand combat is pretty nice.

    Amuro, I myself enjoyed the first episode of Hyouka and watched it twice.

    About Sankarea, I find it kinda funny that your favorite episodes of Sankarea so far include some animators that worked on Naruto. 🙂

    Steev, I’m quite disappointed with Kuroko’s Basketball and Hunter x Hunter. With Kuroko’s Basketball, I’m disappointed with the production value and the lack of animation in the basketball game, it’s almost to the point where it’s reaching Dears Boys level. As for  Hunter x Hunter, I’m disappointed with the overall execution and that the 2011 is basically an animanga . And I rather read the manga, if the anime will be an carbon copy of the manga.

    Amuro, I’m quite surprise that you’re still watching AGE, I gave up  on Age mid through the first arc not because of the character design, which I didn’t have a problem. It was because of story seem to bland compare to other Gundam series.

    • Big thanks to you for listening as always Blue!

      MP3: I talked to a guy at GameStop about the hard difficulty. Two shots and you’re dead, and he has the I guess unfortunate luck of always being shot between the eyes. I’m still very interested in it for GTA V social club business.

      E7: I’ll let steev handle that.
      Jormungand: Still behind 2, wait make that 3 episodes.

      Hyouka: I can’t remember my exact words from podcast 122. I think I might’ve been more “wait and see” at the time.

      Sankarea: Interesting coincidence. I liked the fanservicey stuff, also.

      HxH: hahaha, we know you gots beef with the 2011 version XD
      (update: at 27 now. Even watched an ep during lunch. 2nd opening is bullshit, new songs damnit! New ending is great and far more enjoyable than the first)
      I enjoy it. I’m pretty surprised at how fascinated I am with Gon. He has some Luffy qualities along with a little bit more of a brain to go with it.

      AGE: Amuro is a Gundamologist. It’s in his bloodstream to watch anything Gundam and tons of mecha.

    • Max Payne is still a  great game. I recommend you at least try and rent it or borrow it. It is worth playing through just to see the story. If you don’t like shooters I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you do, then check it out.

      Every pilot girl has become personifications of moe personalities. Young girls piloting machines to save the world, would be another example. I really could go on, but if you don’t see it then there is little I can say to persuade you. I will say that it isn’t nearly as obvious as some shows, like K-ON, and I really don’t have a problem with moe blobs, but only when they are in shows that I expect them to be in. A serious show, like Eureka Seven AO, doesn’t need them. I think a great rule to follow to figure out an anime has taken the shallow route is whether or not there will be high volumes of body pillows and car art.

      As for K’s BBall, I have no trouble with the animation. I get that you are a sakuga fan, but I can live with the lack luster animation. It is a sports show in the end, so I am not expecting great quality from it.

      As for HxH, I love it! TBH, I like the more violent qualities of the first series and I thought the BGM didn’t do a good job reflecting the darker side of the anime during the Hunter Exam, although it is getting better, however, overall I still am enjoying it. HxH being a carbon copy suits me just fine. HxH is an action series at heart  so if I have a chance to watch animated fights vs reading them panel by panel, I’ll take the animation any day. I think it is easy to forget that because the manga has a ton of narration through its fights. Really, when it comes to shounen series, I always prefer the route of the Anime because of the heavy action. Something like Death Note would be an exception to the rule.

    •  I think you gave up on AGE too early. The midpoint of the first arc is probably the lowest point in the series, but it gets better again. I think the first arc had a very satisfying ending, and the rest of the series has done a fine job of keeping me entertained. I won’t spoil anything, but true identity of the UE is revealed in the last episode of  the first arc, and it of course has ramifications down the line. Honestly, I do recommend you tough it out through that first arc and you’ll find something to like there.