This week Amuro and Jrow discuss the latest BlazBlue and Persona 4 news, and they Review both Deadlight and Tales of Grace F.


News Discussion

  • BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma announced (Shoryuken) — (Youtube)
  • Persona 4 english blu-ray will not include the japanese voice track (AnimeNews)

Quick Hits

  • Star Wars The Old Republic will add Free-to-Play option in November (IGN)
  • Final Fantasy III will be a launch title on the Ouya system
  • Arkham Asylum/City writer Paul Dini will not be a part of Rocksteady’s next Batman game
  • Namco profits 200% in 1st fiscal quarter thanks to sales from Soul Calibur V and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations
  • Ano Hana will get a movie in 2013 which tells the story thru Menma’s perspective
  • Toonami will air Samurai 7 starting August 19th
  • Dance in the Vampire Bund manga to end in September


  • Review: Deadlight (Jrow)
  • Review: Tales of Graces F (Amuro)


  • Intro: “Burst the Gravity” by Altima (Accel World)
  • Insert: “Timothy” by The Buoys
  • Ending: “Dive For You” by Boom Boom Satellites (Appleseed 2)
  • BGM:  “To The Loveless” Album by Boom Boom Satellites
  • Yes, I got eaten by a couple of miners, yet I still managed to edit this week’s episode. In the words of Boris, “I AM INVINCIBLE!” 😛

    I wonder if I will want to laugh at the end of the Ano Hana movie too. That scene with them crying out “MENMA!” was just too damn hilarious.

    • Heard that song on a music podcast a couple weeks ago and planned to hold it until you were off for a week.

  • Animeblue

    Amuro and Jrow, Samurai 7 didn’t have an budget problem, it was just few episodes that the characters wasn’t on model on most of the time and lot people wasn’t saying that something has to be wrong with the budget. Basically the same thing when NARUTO Shippuden#167 air when people was saying that the animation of #167 was terrible due the characters wasn’t on model.

    The episode that started that claim was Samurai 7#7 which was animated by two talents animators, named Hiroyuki Okuno and Hisashi Mori

    An video of some of Hiroyuki Okuno’s works:

    An video of some of Hisashi Mori’s works:

    Now on to listen to the rest of the podcast

    • I never said it had budget problems. It’s that at the time of release, I’m recalling back to when I was reading that the episodes cost a lot of yen to make.