Most Intrigued By: Devil Survivor 2
Another Shin Megami Tensei game gets adapted into a Seiji Kishi-directed TV series. I really enjoyed Persona 4 and the whole SMT universe looks easy to adapt into TV anime. Maybe one day, we’ll get a Persona 3 anime, fingers crossed.
More Railgun Means: More Saten-san!
That is all.
Most laughable premise goes to: Crime Edge
The reading of its premise made us on Anivision laugh and while this has happened before and sometimes a series comes out better than we thought, I wouldn’t exactly count on Studio Gokumi to register a hit anime.

Bastards: niotaminA Block TV Executives
I don’t care if Katanagatari is the best anime ever… It is already out on bluray for all to see. So why did they decide to air it again on the niontaminA block?! Money! That is why. niotaminA has been a staple of my anime diet since it first aired back in 2005. Now I get to starve until the Summer Season.
Just Shut-up Already: OreImo Fans
I get it, people love this series, but for those of us who don’t like it as much, constantly hearing about it makes me want to hate it. Not because it is popular, but because I am getting tried of it. I’ve heard more about this series after season 1 ended than any other. I am just glad this will finish up all the light novels so once it is over I can never hear about it again.
More Please: Shounen Anime!
Where is all my good shounen anime going? Too much is ending and not enough good stuff is starting. I need my cliché story elements and hot blooded fighting. Now all I have left is One Piece and Hunter x Hunter. At least Hunter x Hunter will finally start airing new stuff soon…

  • When I first started the preview I didn’t think there was a lot I really wanted to watch, but now I think there are quite a few titles that caught my eye. Attack on Titan, Aku no Hana, Hataraku Maou-sama, Devil Survivor 2, Azazel-san, Yahari Ore, OreImo, Gargantia, and Hentai Prince look interesting to me.

  • Animeblue

    General thoughts:

    As Steev stated below my initial impression of the spring season was kinda poor if u compare it to last year lineup where I watch nearly dozen shows, but reading your guys preview its looks like there are few more that I’ll be interested in

    Date A Live:

    Date A Live seem like it going your typical generic
    romance show that I’ll drop within three episode, but I could be wrong about that since it’s being directed by Keitaro Motonaga. I usually his work.

    Red Data Girl:

    I don’t why but I feel like this going to be Another all over again, so I’ll pass since Another didn’t really do it for me near the end.


    I’ve been meaning to check out the manga, but as u said Jrow, the pretty boys are real turn off so I have been hesitating to pick up the manga. Now that it’s getting an anime adaptation, guess l will check out the first two episode of the anime.

    Ginga Kikoukai Magestic Prince:

    Guess your bigger man than me Amuro since I can’t overlook character design especially when most of shows that feature Hirai’s design are bad.

    Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge:

    Sure the premise sounds intrigued enough, but it being directed by Yuji Yamaguchi (Fate/stay night,Angel Links). So I’m not so sure about this one because his other series was poorly directed to say the least

    Aku no Hana:

    For one who had read manga, The anime can really smash hit or total trainwreck depend how it’s handle. With that said, I say it’s in pretty good hand with Hiroshi Nagahama at the helm

    Yahari Ore no Seishun:

    Another Brains Base’s romantic comedy show, but this time an relatively new director is at the helm with the series composer of Rinne no Lagrange by his/her side……. well can be another good surprise, especially when the director, Ai Yoshimura shown that he/her can handle comedy(Gintama, Daily Lives of High School Boys) and drama( Anohana,Oreimo and Sora no Manimani)

    Photo Kano:

    Kano is one the shows that I’m really looking forward to this season, not because of studio or its premise. It’s because of man who is directing the show, named Akitoshi Yokoyama. What I can say about Yokoyama that hasn’t been said before beside that he really talented and that his directing are superb.

    With all that fanboying out that way I’m curious why Akitoshi is directing this sorta show, my guess is that he was ask to by one of his friends since last the project he directed was because of one of his friends ask him could he directed it.

    Side note: You guys/ most casual fans probably know him best by his Naruto Shippuden episode, episode#131 the Pein vs. Jiraiya fight.

    Attack on Titan:

    Attack on Titan is probaly the most hype up show this spring, rightfully so with its potential to another Fullmetal Alchemist hit. Although I’m not too sold on it yet due the fact that I feel that adaptation will go the way of Magi. With that said I’m still looking forward to it(probably because I want to see what Tetsuro Araki told his storyboarders on it , for an example look at High School of the Dead’s Saeko Busujima’s Matrix breasts scene

    Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san:

    An top comedy ?! and its being directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara!! I definitively going to check this one out


    As Amuro said I really enjoyed the 1st season of OreImo since it remind me of my relationship with my one of my sister when we were younger. So I’ll be watching the 2nd season to see how its going to wrap up.

    Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet:
    Being mildly disappointed with Psycho-Pass, I don’t know how feel about this upcoming Urobuchi’s series. But I guess I’ll check few episodes to see how it is

    Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S:

    I’m not really looking forward for to this, but I know it will have great production value and sakuga:), so you guys I’ll be watching couple of episodes of season 2.

    Valvrave the Liberator:

    Once again, as Amuro said I’m certainly looking forward to this, but little bit mad the mecha action will be in CGI.

    Steev: Shounen Anime

    Steev I suggest u go check out the first ten minutes of Naruto SD episode#51, it’s Naruto, Rock Lee vs. Sasuke. Here is a clip of their fight:


    Also there should be another deluxe NARUTO Shippuden episode upcoming

    • RDG: I’m not sensing similarities to Another besides the fact that both Another and RDG are adapted from novels (not light novels… novels). I come into RDG expecting more than I did from Another.

      Karneval: Same thoughts.

      Flower of Evil: I like that Zexcs is getting outside of themselves with their past two shows (this and “Say I Love You”). I was hating on Gokumi in the preview and I use to think that way about Zexcs, but maybe they’re turning a corner and more deserving of (at least my) respect.

    • I just don’t watch Naruto weekly. I want a new weekly shounen anime, not one I have to stop watching for months because of long filler arcs.

  • steev, I’m curious at what point between our draft and doing coverage of Railgun did you realize that it wasn’t gonna be for Index. I marathoned Railgun (kind of begrudgingly) after it had aired. What “S” is based off sounds interesting since I get the sense that the whole series will center around this one Little Sisters arc.

    • Right when I started working on the preview.. I typed in “Magical Index” in AniDB and notice there wasn’t a new season. S does sound better because of the arc, but my problem is I doubt it will have the same impact or that it will delve too seriously into the arc. Season 1 of Railgun was more fluff than serious. Plus, I don’t like the girls very much. The lesbian bitch only has a few good moments in Index and is more annoying than fun. Saten is useless and Uiharu isn’t interesting in the slightest bit.

      • Cervi

        How about now? New thoughts on Railgun S?

        • I still haven’t picked it up. I am going to wait till it is over and then see which episodes I want to watch. Jrow is watching it though.

          • Anrya

            Sorry to intrude into ur conversation but I think Railgun S is great. Maybe it’s because I started with Railgun and not Index, but I really like Misaka as the main. It’s not often that I get to see a badass girl that is unique o3o But really, you should watch it. Yeah the first season didn’t give Misaka enough screen time but in season 2 I enjoy her role with the Sisters~ Also I do agree a bit with steev about the other characters besides Misaka but exactly why I like S better ^^ Less off all that silly stuff and more spotlight for Misaka.

        • Railgun has been great and I’ve been pleased with the ongoing Little Sisters arc. It really picked up with episode 5 onward and I was loving the action from the most recent episodes; solid work there by J.C.