Most Intrigued By: Devil Survivor 2
Another Shin Megami Tensei game gets adapted into a Seiji Kishi-directed TV series. I really enjoyed Persona 4 and the whole SMT universe looks easy to adapt into TV anime. Maybe one day, we’ll get a Persona 3 anime, fingers crossed.
More Railgun Means: More Saten-san!
That is all.
Most laughable premise goes to: Crime Edge
The reading of its premise made us on Anivision laugh and while this has happened before and sometimes a series comes out better than we thought, I wouldn’t exactly count on Studio Gokumi to register a hit anime.

Bastards: niotaminA Block TV Executives
I don’t care if Katanagatari is the best anime ever… It is already out on bluray for all to see. So why did they decide to air it again on the niontaminA block?! Money! That is why. niotaminA has been a staple of my anime diet since it first aired back in 2005. Now I get to starve until the Summer Season.
Just Shut-up Already: OreImo Fans
I get it, people love this series, but for those of us who don’t like it as much, constantly hearing about it makes me want to hate it. Not because it is popular, but because I am getting tried of it. I’ve heard more about this series after season 1 ended than any other. I am just glad this will finish up all the light novels so once it is over I can never hear about it again.
More Please: Shounen Anime!
Where is all my good shounen anime going? Too much is ending and not enough good stuff is starting. I need my cliché story elements and hot blooded fighting. Now all I have left is One Piece and Hunter x Hunter. At least Hunter x Hunter will finally start airing new stuff soon…