Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu
Comedy, Slice of Life

There are a lot of bad shows this season, including loli basketball and bad yu-gi-oh, and this ranks up right with them. It is being produced by the leftovers that are still at Gainax, which already means it doomed, but more so than anything else it is just the premise which is so bad. Don’t watch it, I know I won’t.

Love Lab
Comedy, Romance
Doga Kobo

Monogatari Series: Second Season
Supernatural, Comedy

The Monogatari series from Nisio Isin is not just getting a new series, but a 2-cour series that will span 6 volumes of the light novel series. This gives each female character an arc for Araragi to have all kinds of weird adventures with surely plenty of head-tilting and suggestive imagery, and I think this structure for the anime will pan out better than the story in Nisemonogatari (Fake Story) with the Fire Sisters that was more a series of great moments rather than a great whole product. If you haven’t watched the Bake, Nise or Neko series, you owe it to yourself to marathon the combined 30 episodes from those series then join along with the cool kids for Season 2.

Kiniro Mosaic
Comedy, Slice of Life
Studio Gokumi

Fate/Kaleid Line Prism Illya
Action, Fantasy
Silver Link

A spinoff series with Ilya suddenly being a magical girl? This seems a lot like an idea that would’ve been a good fit for the Carnival Phantasm series, which is why I’m not terribly excited for this series. Ilya’s not one of my favorite characters, and director Shin Oonuma is one director who I have a little problem enjoying his works, and this one fits much in his wheelhouse. I’m somewhat into the Type-Moon universe, but I’m not expecting a lot from this.

Genei o Kakeru Taiyo
Action, Supernatural

Genshiken Nidaime
Comedy, Slice of Life
Production I.G

The first season of Genshiken first aired back in 2006, while the second season aired the following year, so you might not remember it. Well I do and I am a big fan of the series. I own the entire manga and the first season on DVD, since the dub was so bad I never pick up the second. The manga ended back in 2006, but in 2011 the mangaka restarted the series taking place the day after the first series ended when Ogi takes over the club. This series is going to begin where the new manga starts, which has me pretty excited for it. If you haven’t seen the first two seasons, then I could not recommend them to you more. If you enjoy anime like Working! or Moyashimon then you will absolutely love Genshiken.

Uchouten Kazoku
Comedy, Fantasy
P.A. Works

I haven’t stuck around to finish a P.A. Works series since Hanasaku Iroha; their novel adaptations (Another, Red Data Girl) just couldn’t do it for me and Tari Tari wasn’t my cup of tea. They do terrific scenery work, some of the best in the biz, but the stories just haven’t held up to the same standard, in my opinion. Uchouten Kazoku, however, is an light novel series by Tomihiko Morimi, whose other LN series is Tatami Galaxy which was a very witty series and a favorite of mine and many since it aired a few years ago. The series has an unusual collection of residents (humans, raccoon dogs, tengu) and a strange premise, so I have a bit of hope for this series and looking forward to a P.A. Works series that appears more comedic in nature than dramatic.

Brothers Conflict
Romance, Drama
Brain’s Base

This is another reverse harem from Brain’s Base and after the travesty that was Amnesia, I am not expecting anything from this anime. The premise itself is pretty odd, Hinta Ema’s father gets remarried and so not to disturb them, she moves into a mansion that has 13 guys living in it all of whom happen to be her new brothers. Being a reverse harem means I am not really someone who should be commenting on it. So instead of telling you how bad I think this is going to be, I’ll leave it for the girls to pass judgment on the quality of the anime and all the hot young men in it.