Choujigen Game Neptune
Action, Fantasy
David Production

You might wonder why I would pick this series, well it is being produced by David Production, which made a few series in the last few years that I really enjoyed. However, I really should do more research before selecting anime because it looks pretty dumb. It is about goddesses who rule over the unreal world and it is based on a PS3 game. After watching the trailer I don’t think I could’ve been put off any more. I know this might piss some people off, but in all honesty, it just looks like crap. Games rarely get turned into an anime worth watching and this looks like it won’t be one of those.

Kimi no Iru Machi
Drama, Romance

Anime Shorts
Recorder to Ransel Mi
Comedy, Slice of Life

Senyuu. 2
Comedy, Fantasy

Teekyuu 2
Comedy, Sports

Futari wa Milky Holmes
Comedy, Mystery
J.C. Staff

More Thoughts
Most Anticipating: (Tie) Monogatari Season 2 & High School DxD New
The previous series of these 2 shows aired together back in the Winter 2012 season, and they’re both very provocative and suggestive series. When people say “Shaft at its Shaftiest”, shaftiest essentially means Monogatari, so we can expect lots of screen cuts, head tilting and much more of Shaft’s weird stylings. DxD is generally a standard ecchi show, but there’s substance and fun in the show that isn’t too common with the ecchi genre.
Studio I’m Most Interested In: A-1 Pictures
There’s quite a few studios doing double-duty this season. Of them all, I have the most hope for the A-1 Pictures combo of Servant x Service and Silver Spoon. Both appear very different from each other, but in their own way look really interesting and could be fun shows to watch.
No Thanks To: Loli Basketball
I’ve already had my basketball entertainment last season… it was LeBron James leading the Heat to a championship. Though, now seems like a great time to finish Kuroko’s Basketball before the new season of that starts this Fall.

Most Anticipating: Sequels!
There are a lot of great sequels coming, with Monogatari, The World God Only Knows, Highschool DxD, and Genshiken coming out, I have plenty to look forward to. Those are some of my favorite series of all time and to get them all in one season is just fantastic. Even if there were no other shows I was interested in, then those shows alone would make me excited for the Summer season.
Thank God It’s Back: noitaminA
I mentioned in the last season preview that I was upset that they decided to air a series you can already buy on DVD in the noitaminA block of television. Now it is back with a new series and I am happy again. Sliver Spoon looks pretty interesting to me and hopefully we’ll be back to two new series in the Fall.
Get Prepared for: World War L
It seems like increasing popular for anime to use loli characters and this season feels like they are taking over more than ever. So get prepared now, make an emergancy kit, create a battle plan, and kill as many lolis as you can. For every loli lead there is one less full bodied female character we don’t get to look at.