Walkure Romanze
Ecchi, Comedy

Walkure Romanze is one of many an ecchi anime this season, and my first thought was comparing it to Princess Lover! since the female designs look similar and that this series is adapted from a visual novel developed by Ricotta, who also did Princess Lover in the past. The series follows Takahiro Mizuno as he trains to be a Begleiter at an academy where knights joust (in the very technical sense, also a sports anime) and lose their clothes in embarrassing ways and somehow all the girls have the hots for the one dude… ya know, that kind of series. The small bit of CG jousting looked pretty decent actually, but we all know the budget will go where it’s supposed to go and that’s pretty much the singular benefit of looking at this series.

Gundam Build Fighters
Action, Rainbow

Awww, hell yes. This is my jam right here. After the pretty disappointing Gundam AGE, Sunrise is taking a very different approach with this next Gundam show. Instead of being a mecha war drama of space vs earth, it’s taking a meta route focusing on the plastic model kits from all the past Gundam series. This looks to be very similar to Gunpla Builders Beginning G which was only 3 short episodes. What’s exciting about this show is getting to see Gundam and other Mobile Suits from past shows duking it out in modern HD animation. On top of that, and because this is a show about Gunpla after all, we’ll be seeing new, customized versions of stuff like the Wing Gundam, Strike Gundam, Gundam X, and more. As a real life fan of Gunpla, I couldn’t be more excited for this.

Supernatural, Drama

This anime is about a Shrine Maiden and how she can interact with the various gods and spiritual creatures. It feels like kind of a generic anime, but when I looked at it I got a Kamichu vibe and that alone peaked my curiosity. I don’t think it will be anywhere near as good as Kamichu because this isn’t by Brain’s Base. Diomedia has yet to impress me, but I am willing to give them another chance. I don’t have high expectations for this show, but in a season that looks like it has a lot of sports and action shows, this series looks like it’ll offer a peaceful break from them.

Unbreakable Machine Doll
Action, Fantasy

The synopsis of a fantasy world where a student with a living doll partner/weapon fighting to be the top of his class doesn’t immediately grab my attention, but once I saw the PV I was pretty much sold. I like the character designs enough, and it looks to be an interesting setting. The one worrisome part from the PV was that CG dragon, but at least here it’s not a metaphor for sex.

Ars Nova: Arpeggio of Blue Steel
Action, Scifi

An entire anime in CG is what Ars Nova is, and while that’s likely to stir a thought or two in your head, I’ll try to present hope. Production studio Sanzigen did the action parts of Black Rock Shooter and the 009 Re Cyborg movie which were great uses of CG and that this is a manga adaptation about sentient battleships called the Fleet of Fog wreaking havoc on the planet. Where my hopes take a slight hit is that Seiji Kishi is directing, whose recent works Devil Survivor 2 and Danganronpa were anime I stuck with for a little while before dropping in annoyance. While those drops could be attributed moreso to source material than Kishi himself, I’ll place my hope in this series primarily on Sanzigen and their CG work.

Non Non Biyori
Comedy, Slice of Life
Silver Link

The first of the series that I had no prior expectations for, Non NonBiyori looks like any one of your cute girls doing cute things slice of life shows at first glance. Of the things that give me a bit of hope for this show is that it’s classified as Seinen, a genre that targets older males, and the rural setting the story takes place in. The other is that Silver Link has made some stuff I’ve enjoyed in the past, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt here.

Yowamushi Pedal
Sports, Shounen
TMS Entertainment

This is kind of your average sports anime. You have an Otaku who rides his bike all the way to Akihabara every day, which is such an impressive task that he gets recruited to join the Cycling Club. You don’t see too many anime about cycling, which is why this series caught my eye. The last anime I’ve seen about this sport was called Over Drive and, I kid you not, it is one of my favorite sports anime of all time… it is crazy good. I don’t think this will be anywhere close to as good as Over Drive, but it could be an entertaining anime that you could cruise through. The one problem I see is that there are quite a lot of sports anime this season, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this one gets left behind.

  • Animeblue

    General thoughts on Autumn 2013:

    Looking over this year lineup, I gotta say there surely lot action series this season which is no surprise considering how successful SOA and AOT was.On that note I’ll probably only be watching about five of them if the action animation isn’t to my likely.

    Somewhat one-liners:

    Studio GoHands latest project is going be the adaptation of Tomonori Inoue‘s manga “Coppelion” and Shingo Suzuki going to be directing it with both Susumu Kudo and Hiromitsu Kanazawa help eh…. Well that certainly got me somewhat excited since I enjoyed both, K and Mardock Scramble. Although their colour palette is getting rather annoying. Guess working out of basement will do that

    Nagi no Asukara:

    I don’t really know how to feel about Asukara, its certainly have potential, but on the other hand the last few P.A. Works drove me into such boredom that I don’t think I can take anymore.

    Outbreak Company:
    Sounds like another Campione!, so at this point I’ll pass.

    Golden Time:

    Despite its somewhat cliché atmosphere, I’m really exciting about the series as it’s another Takemiya Yuyuko’s work and it’s another series compose by Shimo Fumihiko(Air, Kanon, Clannad (and After Story) and Kokoro Connect). Someone who know how to do a good drama.

    Infinite Stratos 2:

    Might drop it a few episodes in, only in it because the first season didn’t really do it for me

    Strike the Blood:

    As Steev said it sounds promising,but when its comes to action, Sliver Link hasn’t been that impressive , so I going to watch an episode or two before making my final judgement.

    got his wish;

    Freezing Vibration/Magi 2:

    Will probably watch yet will constantly bitch about because I’m not a fan of watching animated rape. BTW Steev the ending of Magi S1 was fillerish


    I’m going to watch this because Tetsuya Takeuchi and the off chance of me find it to be entertaining

    Hajime no Ippo Rising/Ace of Diamond/Kuroku no Basuke 2/Yowamushi Pedal:

    Free! with more ……. but still fujosh bait 🙂

    BlazBlue Alter Memory:

    All I’ll say it that its better have Hironori Tanaka

    White Album 2:

    WTF Seiya Numata ? my anticipation just double

    Galilei Donna:
    I’m more interested in Yasuomi Umetsu’s real show, Wizard Barristers, but Galilei Donna going to be an good appetizer

    Samurai Flamenco:
    Takahiro Omori with the creator of Read or Die as an series composer ? I don’t know how it going to turn out, but I guarantee going to like it either way.


    As Steev said hopefully the production values isn’t too shabby since everything else looks promising

    Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road:

    Incoming another great FX animation show by Kinema Citrus ?

    Kill la Kill/Kyokai no Kanata/Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~/Kyousogiga:

    Since you guys already know how l feel about these series. I won’t say much just, Kyousogiga/Kill la Kill/Kyokai no Kanata/Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~ are very strong contenders for the best anime of the year 😀

    BTW Amuro don’t forgot about Kyousogiga and upcoming annual NARUTO Shippuden sakuga episodes that will be appearing this season :)Also Magi and Samurai Flamenco will some bits of sakuga action.