Nobunaga the Fool
Scifi, Action

There are two Nobunaga shows airing this season and this looks like the better one… and that doesn’t say much. Having him set in space and using a mech doesn’t really add much appeal to it. The mechs look like horrible CGI too and the action didn’t seem like it had any life in it. I would’ve expected more from the guys that made the latest Aquarion series.

Love Song of a Certain Pilot
Fantasy, Adventure
TMS Entertainment

I remember doing research on this show for one of our past previews, but nothing ever materialized. But here we are in 2014 and it’s back again. The summaries for the plot don’t tell us much. The main character is out for revenge after losing everything, and he might just learn a few things and find love on his journey. I’m down for some romance and adventure in a fantasy setting with old style fighter plane action.

Super Sonico The Animation
Comedy, Music
White Fox

Why can’t some lesser studio be doing this instead of White Fox? I’d prefer to see that studio adapt works with a bit of substance to them since they’re generally faithful with adaptation. Anyway, the studio that’s produced Katanagatari and Hataraku Maou-sama is animating this idol/mascot series and appears to realize that you don’t need major talent involved to draw appeal; Sonico can do enough just on her own. Super Sonico The Animation boasts a not-so star studded voice cast, a first-time director, a first-time character designer whose work mostly consist of key animation and a music composer whose only composed a couple other series that aren’t top-of-mind OSTs. If she ever takes those large headphones off in the anime, that’ll be the event of the entire Winter season.

Comedy, Slice of Life
Brain’s Base

So this is an anime about cute girls messing with delinquents… Those kinds of comedies tend to be either a hit or miss with me, but I will say that over the last few years Brain’s Base has yet to produce a comedy I haven’t liked. Being produced by such a good studio might give me some confidence, but overall there is nothing here that stands out. The original creator hasn’t produced any other work nor has the staff worked on anything worth mentioning. So I think I will approach this series with cautious optimism.

Chu2Koi 2
Comedy, Romance

Chu2KoiRen, the sequel to one of my favorite KyoAni productions in recent memory, is finally here. We’ll be getting to see more of the high school kids with middle school delusions as they move into their next year. My hope for Ren is that KyoAni just continues to give us more of what made the first season so great. That is to say more great animation, more of the lovable characters, more comedy, and more romance! In the PV and other promotional material, we’ve seen a new character, so it’ll be interesting to see how she mixes things up.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei
Comedy, Romance

What grabs my attention from this rom-com is the scenario of the main girl, Kobeni, finding out she’s engaged to a guy she’s never met before and immediately being forced to live with him and her future sister-in-law. Judging from the promo material, it seems like things will focus on Kobeni, her older sister, and new little sister and whatever antics they get into. Other than that, Dogakobo doesn’t have a lot of big hits to their name as they mainly do assistance, but I have liked Love Lab and GJ Club which they were in charge of Animation Production. On top of that, this has the same director of GJ Club, so count me in. Haters like Steev need not apply.

Hamatora the Animation
Mystery, Shounen

Time for another video game adaptation, so make sure you’re wearing your skeptic’s hat. Thankfully, the premise and genre sounds like it’ll be interesting enough to make this worth watching even if you, most likely, haven’t played the game. We’ve seen stories where people have special powers and the like before, but what grabs my attention here is the mystery of a serial killer that targets those people with powers. Yeah it sounds a bit like Heroes season 1, but I can’t think of a time I’ve seen that in an anime. The character designs look decently “cool” and the music in the trailer was pretty good stuff, so consider me cautiously optimistic.