Wake Up, Girls!
Comedy, Slice of Life

This is the Green Leaves’ version of Final Fantasy, doing this one more thing that might end up becoming big instead of a last hurrah. Yutaka Yamamoto directs this idol series in which a failing company’s president thinks up the idea of forming an idol group. With Tatsunoko Productions at the helm and Ordet handling CG work, I’m sure this anime is in good hands and will be nicely animated as Yozakura Quartet and other Tatsunoko series have shown good animation quality. But I won’t be too fooled on this as series composition is by Machida Touko, whose resume includes Amnesia, Karneval and The iDOLM@STER. Idolmaster is the biggest indicator of what I’m expecting, which isn’t necessarily bad, just not my cup of tea.

Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda
Fantasy, Action
A-1 Pictures

I’m calling it now, this will be the show Amuro loves to death this season. Lolis concurring the world wearing tiny outfits? Sounds kind of dumb to me. There might be some good comedy in it, but I doubt it will make me laugh very much. I don’t think there will be anything worth seeing in this anime.

Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil
Supernatural, Action

Arms and Umetsu Yasuomi are working together again.. I can’t promise that there won’t be rape involved somehow. In all seriousness, I am actually kind of excited about this one, not just because of Umetsu and Arms, but just the idea of a series about magicians going to court and having to face their laws is kind of interesting. The action in the trailer looked pretty solid too. I will say that the perv in me wants the anime to air on AT-X so we can get the uncensored goodies, but even if it does suffer from censoring I am still likely to watch it.

Maken-Ki 2
Action, Ecchi

The greatest element of Maken-Ki for ecchi fans were the panty shots. A lot of quality art put into those shots, but the problem was that the TV airing shined out all of that. Ecchi series that air censored on TV means that they are not very good anime story wise and that they depend on BD sales in order to consider themselves a success, and in the case of Maken-Ki, here I am previewing a second season. I’m doubtful that Maken-Ki 2 will air uncensored and I’ve heard that the manga is actually half-decent and that’s a shame

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.
Supernatural, Slice of Life
Production IMS

I’m not going to lie, I am kind of a sucker for these kinds of supernatural shows. Gingitsune was actually pretty enjoyable last season and I kind of sense the same vibe from it. The main character looks adorable and with her gaining the power to transform I look forward to seeing what she does with it. I do have my reservations. The series is being produced by fresh faces and even the studio is new. I hope for the best because if this new studio does well, then that just means more good anime will be coming out and that is a win for everybody.

More Thoughts
Most Anticipating: Space Dandy
In addition to looking forward to an original Watanabe series animated by Bones, it will be unique to be able to watch the english dub weekly on Toonami along with it. The first episode will be a kind of special event with Toonami increasing the amount of exposure Space Dandy will get.
A Season 2 I’ll Be Ignoring: Chuu2Koi
When it comes to KyoAni, you can probably consider my interest in them the opposite of fellow previewer Amuro. The first season of Chuu2Koi was plenty enough, and the bonus OVA episode illustrated that point very clearly to me.
Winter ‘14 In My Eyes: Mostly Meh
This season looks pretty so-so to me and I’d rather be a bit more productive with my anime watching this season, so I’m only going to watch Space Dandy, Silver Spoon and Nisekoi while making an effort to watch completed series and movies that I never have gotten to.

Most Anticipating: Silver Spoon 2
In a season with a lot of unknowns, whether it’s questionable sequels or new untested series, it is nice to see something that will provide solid entertainment. The first season had kind of a slow start, but by the end every episode was just good and I am looking forward to seeing how the characters and their relationships grow.
Grabbing the Tupperware: Fall Leftovers
This season just doesn’t look that tasty. Good thing that there are a number of great shows still in the fridge. If you are finding that you aren’t devouring enough anime this season I’d recommend looking into some of the shows still airing that you might have missed out on last season. Golden Time, Log Horizon, and Yowamushi Pedal are three new shows that have proven to be very delicious. Kuroko 2 and Magi 2 are great sequels, especially if you haven’t seen their first seasons, will fill you up nicely.
Hitting Stop: Idols
No more idol anime please.. I am tired of it. All it does is produce loads of crappy music. I never use it in our podcast and all I want to do is avoid the anime at all costs.

Most Anticipating: Buddy Complex
Choosing a series for this category was difficult, considering returning favorites like Chu2Koi Ren and SYD*. However, I know what to expect from those and I’ll most likely enjoy them. What’s exciting about Buddy Complex is that it’s an unknown quantity. Sure, it’s a familiar genre from a studio well versed in that genre. I still can’t help but get excited when Sunrise does a mecha war drama, especially when the Mecha are lovingly 2D animated.
Most Original Idea Ever: Anything Related to Oda Nobunaga
Seriously, we get it, Japan. He’s a historical figure who was one bad dude. Also, you want to date him, because why else is he more often than not, a sexy girl in these loose adaptations. Can you give the Warring States Period a rest, please?
Most Brilliant Premise Ever: Recently, My Sister is Unusual
What more can I say? Adorable little sister? Check. Big boobed ghost girl possessing said little sister? Check. An excuse for said little sister to get in her brother’s pants? Check. I’ll even let it slide that they are not blood related. I mean there is a chastity belt involved. How is this not the best thing ever? Because it doesn’t have giant robots.