Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
Action, Adventure
David Production

If not the best anime of 2013, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure was certainly the coolest and had the most style rocking for it. Excellent art design and over-the-top performances by the seiyuu cast are a couple reasons Jojo was just so… bizarre. We move onto Book 3 with Jotaro (Ono Daisuke) taking the lead role, joined by Mohammad Avdol (Kenta Miyake) and a plethora of names referencing famous musical acts like Pet Shop, Oingo & Boingo and Vanilla Ice to name a few. I’m excited to see David Production back to work on what could be called the best series they’ve ever worked on.

Fairy Tail 2
Fantasy, Adventure
A-1 Pictures & Bridge

This is a series I use to blog for Anivision and I am glad it is back! Fairy Tail is one of the more underrated shounen series and it is just a lot of fun to watch. I will admit that I fell out of the first series for a while because they had 6 months of filler and that just killed my soul. I just stopped watching then I skipped it all later down the line. I am glad that instead of making us sit though a year of filler it just took a break. I wish more shows, like Naruto and One Piece, did the same thing. If you haven’t seen the original I do like to recommend it if you have the time. It isn’t terribly long and if you like shounen series it will be right up your alley. I do want to express one concern about it. The original series was produced by both A-1 Picuters and Satelight, however instead of Satelight, Bridge has taken over. I am not sure how this will effect the animation, just keep that in mind if the show looks a bit different.

Kamigami no Asobi ~Luderedeorum~
Romance, Harem
Brain’s Base

ARGH! Brain’s Base, what are you doing? Here we have another reverse harem, but this time all the hot dudes are LITERAL GODS. Now it’s up to one unsuspecting girl to use her lewd body to teach them the meaning of love so the world of the divine’s connection to the human world can be saved. If that sounded interesting to you, then I may have embellished it a bit too much. I mean, if I were writing, it would end at the first episode with “blow jobs for everyone!” and then the world was saved, but NO, we’re gonna have to get to know these guys’ personalities, their quirks, and *horf*- Sorry, sorry. I think I just threw up from a combination of rage and disgust.

Break Blade
Action, Scifi
Xebec & Production I.G

The 2010 movie series is pretty good and worth the watch, but if you haven’t seen them by now, the great animation combo of I.G. & Xebec are going to redo Break Blade in the TV anime format. The TV version of Break Blade will compile the 6 films into a 12-episode series with new scenes from the manga that weren’t animated in the movies. Based off that fact, it’s worth the watch even to those like myself who’ve already seen the movies. It is a quality mecha series with cool mecha designs by Takayuki Yanase and a good story revolving around energy resources with some loyalty, royalty and (b)romance thrown in.

Kiniro no Corda: Blue Sky
Romance, Drama
TYO Animations

I hope you have some cheese because I have plenty of whine. Seriously, this is what I get for letting steev and Jrow pick my shows for me when we drafted. Something about music, something about a girl who’s surrounded by dicks, and how she wants all of them. It’s based on the THIRD game in a series of otome games, so that tells you all you need to know.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Action, Supernatural

High school, magic… I can hear the voice in your head telling me to stop. Fine. Irregular @ Magic High is about Tatsuya Shiba (labeled a “Weed” for his lower class rank) and his older sister Miyuki (labeled a “Bloom” for upperclassman) who attends a magic high school. And the sister likes the brother! She doesn’t seem all that tsun from what I read, so that’s a positive. Plot-wise, Irregular doesn’t seem riveting or necessarily challenging on the viewer, but at least visually it might be able to marvel with Madhouse at the helm and nice character designs by Kana Ishida.

The World is Still Beautiful
Fantasy, Adventure
Studio Pierrot

So we’ve got a shoujo manga being adapted by Studio Pierrot set in a fantasy world with some romance thrown in. My initial reaction is to not care, but I’ll give it a chance. It’s not like Studio Pierrot is a bad studio, and with a few of the romance heavy shows I’ve been following ending soon, this one might fill that niche. Let’s hope for the best.

Love Live 2
Idol, Slice of Life

Did you like the first Love Live? No? Come on man, just play along for the bit. Yes? Then you’re in luck! Because Sunrise is doing exactly what we want them to and bringing back more for a second season!

  • There is quite a bit of anime, but besides the two sequels I am excited about, it is kind of hard to pick out the good ones. Just not a lot really stand out for me. Fairy Tail, Mushishi, Mekaku City Actors, One Week Friends, and The World is Still Beautiful are the only ones that I think look legitimately good. There are a few that I think might be good, Selector Infected WIXOSS, Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin, and Captain Earth, but I wouldn’t make any kind of wager on them actually being good. Hopefully this just means I will be more surprised when I watch the new anime.

  • Animeblue

    My Oneliners:

    Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou:

    Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo meets Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

    Selector Infected WIXOSS:

    So the director of Steins;Gate and the Series Composer of Blast of Tempest teaming up do an psychological series eh…..and the summary reminds me of an arc from another that I really enjoyed…so yeah I’m going to check out the first four episodes or

    Mushishi Zoku Shou:

    Steev already said everything that need to be said

    Break Blade:

    The only reason that I’m going to watch this is to see the changes and the new scenes

    Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei:

    I don’t know how to feel about this here, one hand I like the manga, but being directed by Manabu Ono and animated by Madhouse an studio that I came dislike recently

    Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii:

    Another shoujo series being directed by Hajime Kamegaki at Studio Pierrot, my only concern that will it take resource from NARUTO like Baby Steps is doing

    Gokukoku no Brynhildr
    If it done right this could be really good. But seeing its director and ARMS’s Elfen Lied adaptation, my expectation of this being an decent adaptation of the manga just felt


    Facepalm….another sports series by Production I.G…..sorry Production I.G but Haikyuu won’t be another Kuroko no Basuke for you

    Baby Steps:

    Baby Steps, I hate you and love you…I hate you b/c you are talking important staff members from Naruto Shippuden and you know it need with it’s movie on the horizon. And I love you b/c you’re actually an great sports series

    Captain Earth:

    Takuya Igarashi, you better make Captain Earth better than Star Driver or I’m coming for you

    One Week Friends:

    What!! ? another anime that Steev and me is on the same page..what is the world is coming to 😉

    Kanojo ga Flag wa Oraretara:

    This can be either good or bad, my betting its being good b/c how Ayumu Watanabe and Hoods Entertainment handled Mysterious Girlfriend X

    Black Bullet:

    Masayuki Kojima and Kinema Citrus together, its sound like something I would be interested in, but the information that I dig for Black Bullet kinda kill my interested in it

    Hitsugi no Chaika/Mekaku City Actors:

    These two shows are the ones that I most intrigued by, due their potential to be something really great.

    Ping Pong The Animation:
    Fucking Masaki Yuasa,…..don’t need to say any thing else

    Knights of Sidonia:

    This better not be the future of anime….I hate CGI animation…its so lifeless