Mahou Shoujo Taisen
Supernatural, Action

If there’s two things I love, it’s giant robots and magical girls. However, there’s not much to go on for me to be interested here. All we know is that character designs were decided by vote and the girls represent different areas of Japan, and can they hurry up and announce a new Gundam show already?

Soul Eater Not!
Comedy, Supernatural

The first Soul Eater anime is a prime example of an anime original ending gone wrong. The manga ended last year on volume 25, while the anime aired back in 2009 and only clocked in 51 episodes. Even though the ending was terrible, the rest of the anime was absolutely fabulous. It had awesome action and some of the best characters around. This is a spin-off so you shouldn’t worry if you haven’t seen Soul Eater. Instead of it focusing on the shounen action style of its predecessor, it is an ecchi school comedy… and I am okay with that. Soul Eater had some great comedy in it and the school life stuff was a lot of fun. This might not end up being good, but I think it at least has the potential for a lot of laughs.

Black Bullet
Action, Scifi
Kinema Citrus

Scifi anime tend to be hits and misses with me… At first I thought this looked kind of dumb, but the trailer actually made me more interested in it. The plot doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t excite either. It is set in the future and a parasitical virus has concurred the earth and now they are trying to stop it using second generation infected who can control it. It might end up being one of those bland scifi shows that just get boring after the first two episodes, but if they can keep the action up and it doesn’t feel too cheesy then it might be worth watching.

No Game, No Life
Adventure, Fantasy

It is never good when your first impression of a series is Engrish. There really isn’t a lot to grab onto here.. It is about a brother and sister combination that gets transported into another world so that they can win games in order to save humanity. I feel like we watched this series last year, but instead there was a hot bunny girl in it. The animation and aesthetics of the anime might be gorgeously done by Madhouse, but ultimately I feel this will be a series forgotten as soon as it ends.

Atelier Escha & Logy ~Alchemists of the Dusk Sky~
Fantasy, Adventure
Studio Gokumi

Atelier has been around as an RPG franchise ever since 1997, but Alchemists of the Dusk Sky is the first game in the series to receive an anime adaptation. Per usual season preview thought protocol, you’re gonna be into this if you’ve played any of the series or if the cutesy character designs by Abeno Chako appeal to you; if you haven’t played the games, I don’t think there’s a strong enough premise that can help Studio Gokumi reel you into.

Hitsugi no Chaika
Action, Fantasy

This is a series set in a fantasy world where a former soldier travels with a young assassin to earn money. That might sound generic to you, but if you add for the fact that it is being produced by BONES and is adapted from Sakai Ichirou (Outbreak Company and Scrapped Princess), then you might think this show has potential. Personally, even as good as Outbreak Company was this really doesn’t look that interesting to me. I’ll watch the first episode and see how it goes, but ultimately I think it’ll fall flat and won’t turn out to be anything good.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?
Slice of Life, Comedy
White Fox

On the bright side, White Fox has shown it’s a studio that doesn’t slouch no matter how questionably mediocre the source content they’re adapting is. While SoniAni may be another commercial for ero-figures, it at least had good quality art and animation and if that’s your cup of tea, you’ll find ways in your heart to praise it with your keystrokes. However, this looks even worse than SoniAni with moe characters coming from a 4-koma adaptation that uses cafe lingo as a source of naming characters. Check back with me when Akame ga Kill airs… I’ll be more excited about a White Fox property then.

Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun
Action, Scifi
A.C.G.T & J.C. Staff

Seems like every season we are blessed with some kind of historical scifi mecha anime. I guess it is a Japanese thing because I don’t think western audiences are that interested in this genre. The odd thing is that J.C Staff seems to be co-animating the show. Usually they don’t produce anime like this so I will admit that makes me slightly curious about it. I’ll watch the first episode because we will talk about it in the preview, but I am not expecting anything out of it and doubt I’ll keep with it.