Ping Pong The Animation
Sports, Comedy
Tatsunoko Productions

Bleh. Now, don’t get me wrong, pro table tennis is a crazy intense sport, and this show looks to be an interesting experiment in animation. However, I’ve got no interest in this one at all. Again, I’m not taking anything away from the talented staff working on this like Director Masaki Yuasa, but it’s just not up my alley.

Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin
Comedy, Supernatural
A-1 Pictures

To be honest, this anime doesn’t really look that interesting. It is about a high school student that transfers to a new school and ends up moving into an apartment haunted by a cute ghost, then he joins the treasure club to hunt down treasure with special powers. It sounds kind of like a complicated plot, but it sounds like something I’ve seen before. The only reason I have any interest in this series is that it is in the noitaminA time slot and is being produced by A-1 Pictures, which has had a lot of success there. That time slot has produced some of the best anime I’ve seen over the last 9 years, so that alone is reason enough to give it a chance.

Date A Live II
Action, Romance
AIC Plus+

I did not watch any of Date A Live past episode 1, and no positive reviews or any information about II has me thinking twice about this harem series. With genre shows like these (especially of the harem kind), at some point you have to be picky about which ones you follow, and shows that fall in the range of “mediocre” to “eh, it was ok” just aren’t worth my time. Date A Live did not even reach that range for any of us on the podcast.

Mekaku City Actors
Comedy, Romance

Vocaloid is a word of small importance here because musical composer Jin wrote the original source content this is based off of, Kagerou Days. I say small because, while we know what we got with Black Rock Shooter which was spawned from that world, we might not want to be quick to write off MCA since the property is a touch more established and more is working in its favor rather than against. MCA may end up being a loose to minimalistic adaptation of Kagerou Days based off the renaming of the series, and Shaft should be expected to do what they do with a series that has some style to it. Also, NEETs can be interesting subjects in anime; not that there aren’t plenty of them, but that I personally find their character more interesting to learn about and see them come out of their shell.

Knights of Sidonia
Action, Scifi
Polygon Pictures

Similar to Arpeggio of Blue Steel from last year, Sidonia will be a full-on CGI work adapting this Tsutomu Hitei manga about Nagate Tanikaze’s adventures on the Tsugumori mecha as he and the Sidonia fleet fight the Gauna alien species that has wiped out Earth. Polygon Pictures may not be a well-known studio what with this being their first TV series (which will be streaming on Netflix), but the premise and early manga chapters I’ve previewed interest me in the types of Gauna alien battles the series has and how humanity has changed aboard Sidonia since Earth was destroyed. I could somewhat say it’s like Attack on Titan in space, or if Suisei no Gargantia was about the stuff that happened in the first half of episode 1… or actually, maybe both of those.

More Thoughts
Most Anticipating: Stardust Crusaders
My preview notes and previous discussion of Books 1 & 2 on episode 171.5 shouldn’t surprise that this is my most anticipated for the season. There’s many things to look forward to, like Jojo’s most iconic character Jotaro’s story being told, which english song (if any) will the series use for the end theme after the greatly utilized “Roundabout” by Yes, and of course everything I already mentioned that made Jojo so enjoyable.
The Comfort Show: Mushishi Zoku Shou
It’s one of few shows we’ve previewed here at Anivision that just seems like a sure bet to be a fun watch for us hosts. Amuro’s memory of the series is much fresher than mine in terms of season 1’s individual stories, but the special was a nice appetizer and the nature of the show lends itself to the same satisfaction I have watching “comfort” shows like Space Brothers, Silver Spoon and Natsume Yuujinchou.
Spring 2014 Has: Potential
I look at this preview, and I think there are a high number of shows that have the opportunity to be quality shows. Brain’s Base has adaptations that interest me after maybe a year of so-so stuff like Blood Lad and whatnot. Bones has a couple interesting series. I expect Sidonia to be the popular show, and with that a bit divisive among viewers. I also have hopes Mangaka-san will turn into the kind of Zexcs series that I like. Not every show can dazzle of course, but I feel that with only Nisekoi carrying over from the Winter slate, Spring has a nice & clean slate to whet the appetite of all the anime fans.

Most Anticipating: Mushishi Zoku Shou
I own the DVD set of season 1 and it is one of the few series I ever bought the DVDs individually as they came out instead of waiting on the set. So needless to say, I am really excited about season 2. The OVA really just renewed my passion for the series and I ended up rewatching it recently, which has just been a real pleasure. I really can’t wait to see what kind of heartbreaking stories they bring us this time.
Most Anticipating Part Duex: Fairy Tail
I know this is cheating, but what can I say? I am really looking forward to more Fairy Tail. I’ve always been big on shounen series and this is one that I enjoy watching quite a bit. I stopped reading the manga when I heard there was going to be an anime adaptation and it has rarely disappointed. It has fun characters and awesome action, which is all you really need in a shounen series…. Well, also hawt girls and this show has a plethora of them too.
Your Trailer Is Way Too Cool: Selector Infected WIXOSS
If you just look at the basic information about WIXOSS, you’d roll your eyes and sigh heavily. J.C. Staff doing a school girl anime about fighting with cards? Wow, no thank-you. Now do me a favor. If you haven’t already, watch the trailer. I am guessing my first impression of the show was way off.. Otherwise, the person that made that trailer is a genius at marketing because my interest in this show went from “fuck no” to “hells yea.”

Most Anticipating: Pandra the Animation
Erect Sawaru’s magnum opus is getting animated. It’s a beautiful story of magic, family, and love. Truly a glimmer of hope in the darkness.
Show I’ll Miss the Most: Gundam Build Fighters
Holy crap, Build Fighters met and exceeded any expectations I could have had for it. It’s been just an incredible ride from start to finish, the only show I’d wake up early on a Monday morning to watch before rushing out the door to work. It was a welcome change to the Gundam franchise after the mediocre AGE, and I am left in breathless anticipation for what’s next in the 35 year old franchise.
Most Bizarre Adventure: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders
Three out of four of the Anivision hosts have sung the first season’s praises, and we all couldn’t be more excited to see the continuation. I can’t wait to see just how much crazier and over the top it can get with the return of Dio Brando and the introduction of Stands.

  • There is quite a bit of anime, but besides the two sequels I am excited about, it is kind of hard to pick out the good ones. Just not a lot really stand out for me. Fairy Tail, Mushishi, Mekaku City Actors, One Week Friends, and The World is Still Beautiful are the only ones that I think look legitimately good. There are a few that I think might be good, Selector Infected WIXOSS, Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin, and Captain Earth, but I wouldn’t make any kind of wager on them actually being good. Hopefully this just means I will be more surprised when I watch the new anime.

  • Animeblue

    My Oneliners:

    Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou:

    Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo meets Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

    Selector Infected WIXOSS:

    So the director of Steins;Gate and the Series Composer of Blast of Tempest teaming up do an psychological series eh…..and the summary reminds me of an arc from another that I really enjoyed…so yeah I’m going to check out the first four episodes or

    Mushishi Zoku Shou:

    Steev already said everything that need to be said

    Break Blade:

    The only reason that I’m going to watch this is to see the changes and the new scenes

    Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei:

    I don’t know how to feel about this here, one hand I like the manga, but being directed by Manabu Ono and animated by Madhouse an studio that I came dislike recently

    Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii:

    Another shoujo series being directed by Hajime Kamegaki at Studio Pierrot, my only concern that will it take resource from NARUTO like Baby Steps is doing

    Gokukoku no Brynhildr
    If it done right this could be really good. But seeing its director and ARMS’s Elfen Lied adaptation, my expectation of this being an decent adaptation of the manga just felt


    Facepalm….another sports series by Production I.G…..sorry Production I.G but Haikyuu won’t be another Kuroko no Basuke for you

    Baby Steps:

    Baby Steps, I hate you and love you…I hate you b/c you are talking important staff members from Naruto Shippuden and you know it need with it’s movie on the horizon. And I love you b/c you’re actually an great sports series

    Captain Earth:

    Takuya Igarashi, you better make Captain Earth better than Star Driver or I’m coming for you

    One Week Friends:

    What!! ? another anime that Steev and me is on the same page..what is the world is coming to 😉

    Kanojo ga Flag wa Oraretara:

    This can be either good or bad, my betting its being good b/c how Ayumu Watanabe and Hoods Entertainment handled Mysterious Girlfriend X

    Black Bullet:

    Masayuki Kojima and Kinema Citrus together, its sound like something I would be interested in, but the information that I dig for Black Bullet kinda kill my interested in it

    Hitsugi no Chaika/Mekaku City Actors:

    These two shows are the ones that I most intrigued by, due their potential to be something really great.

    Ping Pong The Animation:
    Fucking Masaki Yuasa,…..don’t need to say any thing else

    Knights of Sidonia:

    This better not be the future of anime….I hate CGI animation…its so lifeless