Dragon Ball Super
Action, Adventure
Toei Animation

It appears that the 2 recent DBZ films were either testing the waters for how a TV series would fare or if the success of the movies sparked DBZ’s return to the small screens in our homes. People like me that watched DBZ on Toonami as a kid and have seen many a shounen show have a good idea of what to expect, which in some cases is a pro and con for the series. As of writing this preview, I’ve only seen Battle of Gods, and that movie was more about seeing the characters and crazy fights than it was about involving myself back into DBZ’s storyline; it just never had the draw that I feel is there with One Piece, Naruto, etc.

Non Non Biyori Repeat
Slice of Life, Comedy
Silver Link

Most people who know me or at least know my interests in anime would know that shows about cute girls doing cute things is just not something I am interested in. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the adorable character every now and then, but there are a ton of these cute girl slice of life shows every year. What sets Non Non Biyori apart is the tone. Yes you have the over the top moments, but it really has a tranquil vibe most of the time. It takes place in the country side, so they use that to slow the pace and it just makes it feel unique to me and it was something I enjoyed quite a bit. Despite the name, it is a sequel and I am looking forward to it.

Monster Musume
Comedy, Ecchi

Here we have another show based off a popular manga that I really should have read by now. My pals keep telling me I should read it, and now that it’s getting an anime adaptation I’m ready to see what all the hype is about. Presumably the manga is a slice of life style manga featuring a bland protagonist that attracts the attention of multiple monster girls. The different types of girls include a lamia, a centaur, a harpy, a spidergirl, and many more. This is a very particular type of genre of moe that has no shortage of material in the doujin scene, so it’s kind of weird to see it translated to a “mainstream” anime. Needless to say, my interest is piqued.

Junjou Romantica 3
Romance, Comedy
Studio Deen

Oh my god!! I can’t tell you how hard I am now that season 3 is about to come out. This is a show that ranks my top 10 list. It might sound odd that a married man loves Yaoi stuff, but it is just something about the embrace of two men that makes my heart flutter every time. If season 3 is anything like season 2, then it should be great. The characters are hot and the story is always a lot of fun. I can’t wait!!

Prison School
Comedy, Ecchi
J.C. Staff

Amongst my friends, I’m known as “The One That Doesn’t Read Manga” because out of the group, I’m certainly the one that reads the least. If you’ve looked at the pictures from our recent episode about our collections, you’d know my given moniker doesn’t really hold up. I just prefer having a book in my hands when I read it rather than clicking and scrolling. However, due to some prompting from said friends, I actually started reading Prison School, and 150 chapters later, I’m still hooked. The manga is definitely about as erotic as you can get without being explicitly pornography, but the main draw is the comedy. A huge aspect of that is just how amazingly detailed the manga art is, particularly in the characters’ facial expressions, and I hope that it carries over to the anime.

  • Animeblue

    Dragonball Super:

    So Toriyama finally gave in after years of Toei/Bandai begging to him to write new material for them, too bad the series going be an rush job.


    Loved the first two season and like Amuro said, I’m eagerly to see how things all wraps up.

    Durarara!!x2 Ten/Gatchaman Crowds Insight:
    All I have say about these two shows is…Please let them have better production schedule then it’s predecessor. On side note, I better not see an Gatchaman Crowds Insight episode done by Studio Pierrot, like the previous season where their episode feature some their best animator and it turns be to best episode out the season(production wise)

    God Eater:

    So ufotable is doing another tv series right over the heels of Fate/Stay Night, I’m not sure how to feel about this. On one hand I’m really excite to see Takayuki Hrao finally directing tv series(an action one to boot) On the other hand I’m afraid that the production schedule will collapse mid way which will result another Durarara!!×2 Shō

    To be honest, Gangsta looks really generic and seeing who is directing the series doesn’t really help much

    Monster Musume:
    Tatsuya Yoshihara and friends are back to deliver something fabulous again, but this time they’re at studio Lerche. Since I read some manga and seen all the series that Yoshihara has directed, I kinda already know what to expected. With that said, I praying the production schedule isn’t as terrible as Yoru no Yatterman. But knowing how Lerche does things, it probably going to be worse than Yatterman 🙁

    Prison School:This another series where I had read the the source material and I have some concerns about the anime adaptation despite having relatively good main staff.
    Outside the terrible censorship that the series going to have due it being air on Tokyo MX, I’m worry that the anime won’t capture what makes Prison School good. Or won’t use the medium of anime to its advantage and just use the manga panel as storyboards like anime Jojo and HxH 2011