Jrow & Xcom get together to discuss Destiny in Year 1. They talk about The Dark Below and House of Wolves, the Crucible meta, and their favorite things from Year 1.

Jrow's Hunter

Jrow’s Hunter

Xcom's Warlock

Xcom’s Warlock

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcVqbKkrFg8

    I want to share this vid from November 18 and say some things about it. First, this is Plan C when it was S-Tier. Second, look at the amount of special ammo I had. Having 37 shots is just crazy to see now knowing how special ammo is managed. Third, the difference in my Bladedance usage is that I pretty much always activate it in mid-air and use blink to close the gap on enemies; if I ran today the way I did back then, I’d have a shotgun-melee waiting for me.