This week the Anivision hosts gather to discuss all the latest Nintendo NX rumors and earnings trouble, they talk about Niantec’s Pokemon Go failures, they give their impressions on Telltale’s Batman game, and review Suicide Squad.


  • New Nintendo NX Leaks (Eurogamer)
    • Entirely portable console powered by Nvidia Tegra Processor
    • Will have a docking system that will allow you to connect it to your TV
    • Controller will detach from portable unit
    • Will have cartridges
    • Will be compatible with Mobile games (IGN)
  • Nintendo loses 240 million dollars (Ars)
  • Niantic’s Pokemon Go Troubles
    • Removal of Steps and Shutdown of 3rd Party Tracking Sites
      • Fan outrage causes them to request refunds
      • Niantic says the steps will return after they fix them
      • Niantic says 3rd Party tracking sites cause massive lag and make it harder for worldwide launches
      • They release a vague chart (Heavy)
    • First Legendary Pokemon, Articuno has been caught
      • Niantic says it was a mistake and removes it from account
    • Niantic is going to hire a community manager….
  • Life is Strange being adapted into a live-action digital series
  • Nisekoi ending with chapter 229 in 8/8 edition of WSJ
    • Naoshi Komi planning new manga to start in October
  • Bleach ending with chapter x in 8/22 edition of WSJ
    • “Important announcement” coming


  • Telltale’s Batman Episode 1
  • Suicide Squad
  • Daniel Gann

    lol Bleach ending! So much for those “ten years” of Bleach and the final arc! I know quite a few people who are kinda ticked that Kubo has to rush his series, but ah well its not doing so hot so its gotta end! RIP Bleach…

    As for the important announcement I think its going to be either an anime for the final arc or a movie that covers the final arc? OR it really is gonna be about Ichigo having a kid, but with who? Orihime who is a living person or Rukia who is technically a corpse…LOL or at the very least a spin off that follows Ichigo’s sister who can see ghosts? We shall see…