This week the hosts dive into the Destiny 2 reveal, they talk about the anime industry, and they give their mid season impressions on the Spring Anime Season, including My Hero Academia, Re:Creators, Eromanga-sensei, Attack on Titan, and much more!


  • Destiny 2 gameplay reveal
    • Clan features in-game
    • New supers
    • Crucible modes now 4v4 (gone are the 6v6 and 3v3, assuming Rumble stays)
    • PC version on Blizzard app, will support 60 fps (PS4/X1 at 30 fps)
  • Nier Automata PC mod FAR includes piracy check, denies access if failed (Kotaku)
  • Minecraft to be patched to not allow players to feed birds cookies (Vice)
  • Rumor: Nintendo working on a Zelda smartphone game (WSJ)
  • Bioware Montreal downsized as personnel shifted to groups working on Star Wars Battlefront II & project Dylan
    • Andromeda’s follow-up won’t be worked on at this time
    • Patches will still be worked on for Andromeda’s multiplayer
  • Pokemon Go update
  • Hiro Mashima to end Fairy Tail manga in 2 more volumes, planning next work
  • NHK Oikonomiya study finds that in 2015, 25% of studios had net losses (Otaku USA Magazine)
    • 80% of animators quit within their first 3 years of work, made up to $540/month (60,000 yen)
    • One animator said he once spent 5 hours on a frame and was paid less than $2 (200 yen)


  • Spring ‘17 Anime mid-season impressions
    • My Hero Academia
    • Boruto
    • Re:Creators
    • Eccentric Family
    • Natsume Yuujinchou Roku
    • Sakura Quest
    • Eromanga Sensei
    • Love Tyrant
    • Anonymous Noise
    • Tsuki ga Kirai
    • Alice to Zoroku
    • Attack on Titan


  • Ending: “Dreamy Journey” by the peggies (Boruto)
  • BGM: Fuuka Sound Collection
  • Daniel Gann

    Looking forward to joining the team 😀 😀 😀

    Destiny 2 I can’t wait since I didn’t get into the PS4 Destiny cause I didn’t have a wired connection and my wireless blows so ill be getting the PC version.

    Ahahaha the minecraft thing is hilarious, but I guess gotta teach those kids not to feed birds cookies irl? LOL

    On the subject of Fairy Tail I’m still reading the manga and all I will say is asspulls from everywhere! Natsu is still OP and the power of friendship continues to fuel the series, but I’ve never taken it serious because I only read it for the fanservice LOL I really hope his next manga he creates is just a straight up fanservice manga in the vein of ToLoveRu Darkness or something like that…

    As someone who draws for free it does take a lot of work to get started on a drawing so I can imagine how much it sucks to get paid little to nothing for spending 5-6 hours on a drawing…3D has been blowing up here and there from in between art to full blown 3D series like I-DO this season or the past two Bubuki Buranki series that recently wrapped up.

    My Hero Academia: TOURNAMENT ARC! WOOOOOOOOOOOO 10/10 its going strong so far even though it does feel like its dragging along, but this 2nd season is all about highlighting the other characters powers and learning about their “struggles” like Todoroki who has a really screwed up family background.

    RE:Creators: My god people have been bitching so much about the first few episodes because it got too talky for two or three solid episodes, but hey they got 22 episodes so they gotta stretch things out? I kinda saw it that way. And on the other hand you got the action junkie fans that wants RE:Creators to be all about fighting with little to no explanation of what is going on with the characters or the world? I dunno I’m reviewing it and finding the mystery part of who Gunpuku’s creator is even though we totally know its Souta.

    • I was just talking with Amuro at Animazement about Fairy Tail, and he was mentioning the whole power of friendship thing. Like, if Natsu has to beat a guy, he just has to try really hard and do it for his friends lol.

      CG is getting a bit better for anime; it’s not great in a lot of spots, but the ones that are trying are making decent works. I didn’t watch Sidonia or Ajin, but they seem like worthwhile shows. Blame just came out, that looks alright. I even liked Arpeggio of Blue Steel a couple years ago.

      Yeah, I think reactions might be a bit scattered for Re:Creators early episodes, hard to find a real strong consensus. I can get where people are coming from about slower parts, but I think we’re talking about something that isn’t doing any harm to the show.

      • Daniel Gann

        Hahaha yeah Natsu’s power levels are literary determined by how many “friends” he has and FT has that silly shounen thing where the villains eventually become allies or weren’t really evil at all? It’s equivalent to Touma punching girls to add them to his growing harem.

        Forgot Sidonia! Loved that for the scifi story same for I-DO its got derpy CG but the story is really interesting and their take on mechs.

        Yeah I noticed most fans were high on the first two episodes because it was pure eye candy because it hit us with cool moment after cool moment, but take those moments away and slow things down to explain wtf is going on suddenly everyone gets bored…some of the comments on past episodes on Metanorn hurt my brain when a few bitch about “overly describing things” or “It has too much talking” while i’m like ?? So? Whats the issue? Monogatari does it and people praise the gods for days (granted monogatari uses their visuals to distract you) anyway i’m enjoying it and in the end that’s all that matters haha