The Anivision hosts take a look back at the first year of Overwatch discussing why they still love the game, how it has changed, and what Blizzard should do for year 2.


  • Do you still love Overwatch?
    • Favorite characters?
  • 1 year of DLC
    • Maps
    • Characters
      • 3 per year enough?
  • Balancing with characters
  • Events
    • More events?
  • Arcade
  • Competitive
    • Characters you play?
    • Vs Quickplay
    • Rank
    • Goals on Rank
  • What do we want to to see in year 2?


  • Daniel Gann

    Overwatch was the biggest surprise from Blizzard who seemed to focus really hard on Warcraft, but now they have something for everyone to play from MMORPGS, MOBAS, RTS and now FPS! Just shows they have a wide variety of game types.

    Diva was the sole reason I got into Overwatch b/c of her mech! I love playing her and Pharah she is fun for fast past gameplay~

    Year 2 I have no idea what I want from Overwatch I guess obviously more characters? Oh and good god a CG Overwatch movie!? I’d LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE that…long as they don’t go live action >.>

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t have bought Diablo or played HotS if not for playing Overwatch on the Blizzard app. And Destiny coming in October, let’s go Bnet!’s awesome; she’s been through a roller coaster of balance changes and use percentages. She was cool when noboby knew her ult, then it was weak once everybody realized 4 seconds is a lot of time to hide, then it was good again, then she had a shitton of health with defense matrix blocking, then she got a change to her health and people didn’t use her, and now she’s back in the mix. The instant gratification of getting a quad or w/e kill with her ult is awesome!