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This week the Anivision hosts are joined by a friend to discuss the Neogaf accusations, they hold a funeral for the Kinect, and they give their impressions of Destiny 2 on PC, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Super Mario Odyssey. Continue reading


The Anivision hosts wrap up the Fall 2017 Anime Preview talking about the remaining shows including Gintama, The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Girls’ Last Tour, Love Live, Inuyashiki, March Comes in Like a Lion 2 and much more! Continue reading


The Anivision hosts gather to discuss the new anime premiering in the Fall 2017 Anime Season, including Black Clover, UQ Holder, Juuni Taisen, King Game, Osomatsu-san, Kino’s Journey, A Sister’s All You Need, and Much More! Continue reading


Foshizzel and Jrow get together to look ahead at what to expect in the Fall 2017 anime season. Continue reading


This week Jrow and Xcom talk about Nintendo increasing production on their classic systems, they discuss Campo Santo taking on the Pewds, and they give their spoiler free review of Destiny 2. Continue reading


This week the Anivision hosts give their impressions on Mario + Rabbids, they talk about the Gundam Vs and Call of Duty: WWII Betas, Jrow explains why he quit Overwatch, and they give their thoughts on loot crates in video games. Continue reading


Fosh is joined by Jrow & steev as they discuss Gamers, New Game!!, Knights & Magic and Boruto. They also discuss the live action Death Note movie on Netflix and thoughts on the process of adapting anime series for American audiences. Continue reading


This week the Anivision hosts give their impressions on a number of games, including Pyre, Splatoon 2, Injustice 2, Nex Machina & Matterfall, and they review both Patema Inverted and Fairy Tail Dragon Cry. Continue reading


Fosh is joined by Jrow and Skylion to talk about Netflix picking up anime, Fate/Apocrypha, Made in Abyss, Princess Principal, and more. Continue reading


Fosh, Jrow, steev and Amuro talk anime news, their thoughts on the Castlevania animated series on Netflix and review KyoAni’s movie Koe no Katachi (The Silent Voice). Continue reading