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Jrow, Amuro and Foshizzel talk about the re-release of Shenmue 1 & 2, the latest Gundam anime announcements among other news. They also give impressions on the new God of War game and talk about otaku overreactions after the recent Darling in the FranXX drama. Continue reading


This week the Anivision hosts give their impressions on Far Cry 5, they review Pacific Rim Uprising, and they wrap-up the Winter 2018 season talking about the concussions of After the Rain, Osomatsu-san, The Ancient Magus’ Bride, B: The Beginning, and much more. Continue reading


This week the Anivision hosts discuss the news from the latest Nintendo Direct, they reminisce about Toys R’ Us, they rant about why you should give shows a chance, they shed tears for anime, and Amuro reviews the Tomb Raider movie. Continue reading


This week the Anivision hosts discuss the proposed M rated tax and Loot Box laws introduced in the US, they talk about the games they are currently playing, and they review Black Panther. Continue reading


This week the Anivision hosts talk about the news for Nintedo Switch’s online service, Amuro gives his impressions on Celeste and Monster Hunter World, they discuss The Overwatch League, name their Waifu of the season, and do a round of Anime Revolver. Continue reading


This week the Anivision hosts talk about the Xbox Game Pass news, they give their impressions on Dragon Ball Fighter Z and they review Devilman: Crybaby. Continue reading


This week Jrow and steev talk about the Ninja Batman Trailer, they discuss the Star Wars Battlefront 2 debacle, and they take a look at the “Games as a Service” model. Continue reading


This week the Anivision hosts give a mid season round up of the anime they are currently watching including Blend S, Juuni Taisen, Food Wars, Kino’s Journey, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, and much more! Continue reading


This week the Anivision hosts are joined by a friend to discuss the Neogaf accusations, they hold a funeral for the Kinect, and they give their impressions of Destiny 2 on PC, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Super Mario Odyssey. Continue reading


This week the Anivision hosts talk about Nintendo’s stream ban and they wrap-up the Spring and Summer Anime Seasons. Continue reading