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The Anivision hosts gather to discuss the shounen manga that defined their generation, Naruto. Continue reading


Jrow & Amuro discuss the standalone game Infamous First Light, which features Fetch two years prior to the events of Infamous: Second Son. Continue reading


Jrow & Xcom review and discuss the 3rd and final movie of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Rebellion. Continue reading


Jrow, Xcom & Amuro, now having beaten inFAMOUS: Second Son, have an extended discussion about the PS4’s first big exclusive title. Continue reading


Jrow and steev are joined by Wademaster and Dirty Callahan to have an extended discussion on Titanfall. Continue reading


The Anivision hosts are joined by Magus to have a more in depth and SPOILER filled discussion about The Last of Us. We break down the game, ending, characters, and multiplayer. Continue reading


The Anivision hosts are joined by Magus and Wademaster to have a more in depth and SPOILER filled discussion on BioShock Infinite. It is recommended that you beat BioShock Infinite BEFORE listening to this episode. Continue reading


Jrow and Amuro are joined by Dee as they discuss the unique, and somewhat controversial visual novel Katawa Shoujo. Continue reading


Jrow and steev join forces to bring an all inclusive One Piece episode where we talk all things related to the Anime and Manga. Continue reading


Anivision [EXT]’s first episode is the Surprise of Haruhi spoilercast. Join Amuro and Magus in a discussion on the latest in the Haruhi light novel series. Continue reading