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The Anivision host’s celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2014 by recording a special episode where they discuss romance in anime and video games. Continue reading


The Anivision host’s are joined by Mitsugi from the AAA Podcast for the first podcast of 2014 to announced the winners of the Anime and Game of the Year Awards that were voted on by the listeners themselves. Continue reading


In this special edition of the Anivision Podcast the hosts gather to take an in depth look into the last 6 years of console gaming as the current generation comes to a close. Continue reading


In this massive special episode the Anivision hosts talk about all the news coming out of this year’s E3 event, including an in depth analysis of each press conference and a discussion of their favorite games, who won E3, and compare the two new consoles. Continue reading


On the final episode of Alien Week, Amuro and steev are regroup with Jrow as they discuss Aliens in Video Games, giving their Top 5 Alien Video Games, and they discuss Humanoid vs. Non-Humanoid Aliens. Continue reading


In episode 2 of Alien Week steev and Amuro strike back as they go through some rather awkward “Would You Rather” questions, compare Sci-fi vs. Fantasy, and discuss our Top 5 Favorite Alien Anime. Continue reading


The Anivision Hosts gather for the first episode of Alien Week, when they discuss their favorite alien thingss, whether there is life out there or not, and do a round of Marry Boff Kill alien themed. Continue reading


The Anivision Hosts, combined with coverage from Metanorn, gather to talk about the Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo conferences, including all the latest news, hardware, and games from this year’s E3 event. Continue reading


In lieu of a standard episode of the Anivision Podcast this week, Jrow highlights some more fun/humorous moments from episodes 21-40. Continue reading


The Anivision hosts sit down to talk about their Chirstmas memories and traditions, discuss Christmas Anime and Video Games, and review Tokyo Marble Chocolate. Continue reading