New reveal for the next Call of Duty game! In my opinion, all the trailers I’ve seen so far have been, interesting, but not exciting for me. It wasn’t until I watched this did I truly get excited to buy this game. Do not get me wrong, I am a Call of Duty fanboy, so I was going to buy the game, but I didn’t expect much. I enjoyed World at War and I expected BO to be a modification of WaW, but after I played Modern Warfare 2 my love for MW2 would ruin BO. However, to much of my surprise, BO will be built off of the MW2 system, which is so exciting to me.

So now on to the trailer itself. EXPLODING CROSSBOWS, PLACEABLE CAMERAS, RC-CAR BOMBS, and VIDEO RECORDING?! OMFG! I am psyched about this game now, I am ready to get this in my console and play it. Treyarch does one thing better than Infinity Ward, it is to listen to the fans. Simple things like video recording really will make BO a lot of fun. I am very interested in seeing the full multiplayer reveal. I wonder if that will include showing us any zombie-like modes. If Treyarch doesn’t include Commie Zombies, that will be the biggest fail on their part ever, but I doubt that will happen.