No one can stay mad at Nami for long~

Last week I said I was disappointed in the chapter, but someone reminded me of the rumored time skip that Oda hinted at last year. I never felt good about it when I heard it might happen. I love One Piece and time skips are so.. unoriginal. Plus, I loved how everything built on top of itself. Sure, some interesting things could be done with a time skip and it really is the right time for one, but I can’t support it. Luffy being a rookie was cool, he was someone there to shake up the system, which is why a time skip would kind of take that away from him. Either way, if there is going to be a time skip, the next chapter is going to make it clear. I guess I should put my faith in Oda, he has done a great job so far. If there is one, my guess is he will probably make it like a small skip, like no more than a year or so. If that is the case, I am all for it.

Other than that, there really isn’t much to talk about in this chapter. This one was more clean up on how the crew will get stronger.