Why is it that some people have to lose in dumb ways?

This episode really just let loose all the action and really showed us some quick, but great fights. There really isn’t that much to talk about, so lets get to it! Gray losing in that way was kind of lame, mostly because he lost to Bixlow, the creepiest member of Fairy Tail. Alzack was pretty cool this episode, although he lost to Fried quite easily. I would love to see a major fight with him in it, although I doubt it will happen. Elfman lost way too easily though, especially in that form. The Elemental 4 were suppose to be really strong mages, Juvia is an S class mage. Elfman defeated one easily in that form, so he should’ve been able to put up a much better fight.

Didn't he read the "Do Not Exit" sign?

The best part of the episode was the second half, the fights were great, but once Gajeel showed up the episode got immensely funny. Just him showing up after eating something that he obviously wasn’t suppose to eat was hysterical. Gajeel joining Fairy Tail didn’t make much sense to me, but he is quickly becoming a great character. I did say last week that Natsu not being able to leave would have something to do with him being a Dragon Slayer and with Gajeel not being able to leave that pretty much confirmed my belief. If the opening holds true, I can’t wait to see a full fight between Natsu, Gajeel, and Laxus. That should prove to be a great fight. Although, with Mystogan appearing I can’t wait to see him unleash his power. There is a lot of talk about him being the strongest, but we haven’t seen him do anything.

Even as a statue Natsu wants to grope Ezra..

The one problem I have with this whole arc is Laxus. He wants to fight the strongest, but he trapped the strongest Fairy Tail wizards. As Natsu said, the only one that could even challenge his crew was Gray, the rest are stuck in stone or in the building. I figure what is going to happen next is that Ezra is going to kick the crap out of Evergreen and the rest are going to get freed, making a bunch of pissed off wizards headed to defeat them all. I can’t wait for the Lucy x Bixlow fight, I read some spoilers and one of my favorite characters is going to make a return! I am starting to see a pattern with Fairy Tail that I hope isn’t the case. It seems like there is a lot of prep episodes, meaning, a lot of time is spent to prep for the big fights, while the little fights get set aside. I wish they would put more time into the episodes and allow the story to unfold more evenly.