It’s time to get rid of all the runts in the Sekirei Plan before moving on. Those that haven’t been playing will be forced out of hiding. Might as well join in. Sure beats running into Karasuba’s sword.

Look out, weaklings. Karasuba isn't one to hesitate.

I’m just gonna jump straight into thoughts. This arc has the potential to really suck. The Game Master calling for the removal of hiding Sekirei just doesn’t seem like something his character would do and something I don’t think mangaka Sakuraku Gokurakuin would write for him. He really is a Game Master and you think he would do something with a little more fun and a little less “thinning out the herd” kind of strategy. I’m not going to call it the worse thing since Matsu on a motorcycle, but it’s kind of getting into tricky territory.

Poor kids. Oh well, screw them anyways.

Because of this sudden announcement, many of the low-level Sekirei are looking to escape the city and avoid being a victim of the Sekirei Plan. These cowards thought they could just sit it out and hope nobody notices, but they have incredibly underestimated Minaka and the M.B.I’s information network. One pair, ___ and his Ashikabi Nanaha (literally ___. no name is given for the guy), sneak up on Minato and Musubi and in a rather rude manner ask that Minato help them escape the same way they helped Kunoh and Shigi escape from Season 1. Minato’s reaction, a definitive no, lets you know that he’s in this Sekirei Plan for real. While he doesn’t show a strong motive to defeat Minaka or save all of his Sekirei and others, it’s great to have Minato give it his all and is a good start for his maturation as an Ashikabi. And once the M.B.I. finds these two, they’re toast, but not because tanks are coming there way. Something worse.  (Damn shame, too. Nanaha was a pretty cute Sekirei.)

How could Takehito die and leave THIS behind?

A couple minor points to the episode, starting with Karasuba. It seems like Minaka has some kind of influence over the Disciplinary Squad. Why not have them take out all these Sekirei? In fairness to Minaka, that isn’t much fun, so he’d rather just make others do the dirty work. But Karasuba does it really well, killing off Nanaha and apprehending ___. While we’ve known it, we do get a mention from Karasuba about #08 Yume putting her soul into Musubi.  Miya also gets a bit more backstory this week with her and Takehito together. So that’s where her demon abilities came from! And who knew she had such a genuine and pure smile?

People who ragequit Uno on Xbox Live look like this.

The comedic element of the show was Minato’s Angels trying to score a date with him by winning Uno. Poor Tsukiumi can’t comprehend the simple rule of saying “Uno” out loud while Kuu-chan has been trained by Uzume on how to trick her opponents. Kazehana suggests that the losers strips, so I think we all would be full on rooting for Kusano in that game! Also, a lot of panning shots of the girl’s gigantor breasts this week. There was some quality (censored) stuff going on in Seo’s bathroom and even Miya joined in on the nudity.

Perverted Thoughts Go Where? (Here) of course!

The final part of this episode which will be a bigger subject next week is Uzume. Since her wins technically don’t count because she is recording wins for “Unknown Sekirei” with her viel dress, the M.B.I. could be looking to take her out. As Minato’s date with Kuu-chan wraps-up, that damn cat from the special episode pops up and easily distracts Kuu, who comes across Uzume’s Ashikabi Chiho. Doesn’t it seem like the people forcing Uzume to do this would want to protect her? She’s been doing good work taking out Sekirei and decreasing opponents for Izumi; or perhaps they feel she’s no longer necessary to their plans.

There goes Seo, living our dream.

Anime vs. Manga

The scene with the people asking Minato to leave the city is in and also the brief flashback with Miya. Other than that, this episode plays to the beat of a different drum. I feel like mentioning my main concern with the episode is a spoiler, so read into that as you will.

The previews for next week show events that happened back around Chapter 25 of the manga. I feel like Yukari and Shiina deserve their own episode by this point, and while that doesn’t seem to be fully the case next week, it’s good to see them do more than just walk around brooding over where Kuu-chan could be.