Where's Bear Grylls when you need him.

So it’s official, there will be a time skip! I honestly thought it would be less than a year, not two years. In fact, two years seems kind of ridiculous in my opinion. They have not even been traveling together for a year and they are going to spend two years apart training? The other rookies went to the new world and The Straw Hat Pirates are the strongest of the rookies. The only reason I can think that would make two years acceptable for a skip is so that they can become ridiculously strong. One reason I loved One Piece was because they where the new guys shaking up the system, now they will be the not-so-new-guys who came back after two years of hiding, probably ridiculous strong. One year seems like it would be a good amount of time. They could train and then make their way back to Shabondy Archipelago. I doubt it would really take Luffy two years to master Hakki either. That really is the only other thing worth talking about. It finally spelled out to us what Hakki was. I really like how Mantra was a form of Hakki because it shows that Oda was thinking ahead when he writes One Piece.

One Piece will be on break for four weeks now, which sucks, but I shall wait in eager anticipation to see how the crew looks after two years. I am hoping for an even hotter Nami! <3  Maybe we will get some color pages or a special 40 page chapter. Other than that I hope the anime uses this time to take an actual break, I would love to see it off for at least six months, if not longer. That way we will not see a repeat of Naruto, where we had a year of made up filler. Like 6 episodes out of 60 were watchable. If they were to spin it off and focus on the different rookies that would be awesome, like how they should have done it for Naruto, but that is doubtful, unless Oda gets involved. More than likely we will see a repeat performance since One Piece is so popular.. Lets get ready for a lot of crappy filler.