Ezra is such a perv~

This weeks episode of Fairy Tail started us off with Ezra vs Evergreen. Of course Ezra kicked the crap out of Evergreen, which is why I was socked that Laxus was so pissed. I mean he said it last week, referring to himself, Ezra, and Mystogan, “the strongest three,” but did he really think Evergreen could beat Ezra? If so then she obviously is not one of the strongest in Fairy Tail. I am really curious to see the official rankings of strongest to weakest in Fairy Tail. I think that is one thing this series fails to truly reveal, just how strong each character is. For instance, I read that Juvia is an S class wizard, but she seems to get defeated a lot.

I think Levy looks best in this position.. <3

With Evergreen defeated and the rest of the girls freed, now the fun really begins. Starting off with Laxus taking the whole town hostage and getting Natsu really fired up. For some reason I feel like the show is trying to lead us to believe Laxus is only doing this with good intentions, through Natsu in agreeing with him at first, then hinting at the fact that Laxus told only them in the guild that he was unleashing the Lighting Palace so not to insight panic. That really doesn’t feel right though.. Maybe Laxus just doesn’t want his hostages to flee or he doesn’t want the town to kick out Fairy Tail once he has taken over. I really don’t see any other reason to why Laxus would do something in such a roundabout way.  I do think Fried has become a more interesting character. I really want to know his back story and why he is so loyal to Laxus. He doesn’t seem the type that is just attracted to power like Evergreen and Bixlow.

If Loki can come out whenever Lucy is in Danger, where was he during the Trinity Raven fight?

The end of this episode was when I was most excited. Finally, Loki returns cooler than ever~ Ever since he did a few badass moves against Gajeel, I have always wanted to see him at full power. After all, he is one of the strongest Celestial spirits. With him, Lucy should be considered one of the strongest too. I did think it was funny when Bixlow said Lucy was a cosplayer because when you think about it, she does cosplay a lot. Anyway, the next episode should be awesome, not just because of the Lucy & Loki x Bixlow fight, but if you watched the preview, you get to see some Mirajane action. I doubt she will be able to unleash her full power, but it will not doubtingly be pretty great. Plus, I wonder how strong Fried really is, his rune magic is quite awesome.