Kakazaki has a pretty tall order for Uzume – take out one of the North’s Sekirei to get a win. Will Uzume challenge her friends from Izumo Inn?

It was an intense mud wrestling match. Just ask Kazehana.

Chiho and Kuu-chan get together and discuss cats and why Korea is awful for treating them as food. I mean, like, it’s totally gross! Minato finds Kuu and they leave to go back home from their date (surprise, Tsukiumi is crazy jealous). Minato sees Junichi Tanigawa and his Sekirei, #84 Yashima leave the hospital and he witnesses some “spousal” abuse between the two. They literally just left the hospital, and he’s already giving her shit. He’s probably the reason why she was in the hospital anyway. Stop hitting your woman, Jun! Seems like a nice gal. Give her a break, love her, and make her fight your battles.

Death Flower easily disposes Yashima's Gravity Hammer...

While Minato’s side of things are more setup, his sister Yukari gets in on the action this week. After dressing up her toy in a pretty yellow dress, Jun & Yashima come across Shiina and formally introduce themselves, thus initiating battle. It wasn’t really much of a battle between #107 Shiina & #84 Yashima. Even with Junichi helping her cast Norito, Shiina easily dispersed of her, her hammer and her clothes with Death Garden. Yep, that’s right reader, Shiina’s power decays anything in its path; even clothes. As Yashima’s crest disappears, Yukari gives Junichi her own brand of punishment, displaying exactly why she is the “Demon Ashikabi”. Damn, that boot is some real stuff. Kinda made me cringe a little bit when it was just hovering there. But yeah, that jerk deserved a firm kick-in-the-nads; slapping around his Sekirei. What the hell!?

...and her clothes. Shiina, your power is win!

Let me break away to discuss why Yukari is my favorite of all the Ashikabi in the series. First, she gets into these battles along with Shiina. You don’t see any of the other Sekirei throwing punches or anything, and Yukari is not afraid to give other Ashikabi a boot to the nutsack. It’s evil, but damn it if her demonic facial expression doesn’t look awesome. Secondly, she loves boobs just as much as me and you. She’s toyed around with Musubi’s before, and on this episode, she’s drooling at the chance to squeeze on Tsukiumi’s melons.

There goes that boot again. Oh, and also... pantsu!

The conclusion of the episode involved Minato and company going to the hospital and Kuu-chan spots Uzume. Golden opportunity for Uzume to take down one of the North’s 6. I’ve mentioned before that Uzume isn’t quite as strong as she’d seem, and I don’t think she’ll do much to Musubi or Tsukiumi, unless Minato is somehow taken captive. And if they run with this arc the rest of the series, then we’re probably in line for a real fight between Kazehana and Uzume.

Evil Face

Anime vs. Manga

In the Shiina v. Yashima fight, Tsukiumi is not in attendance in the manga. Shiina actually uses his ability on Junichi, and when Yukari goes to knock him down, they actually have a pixellated area around his junk which is pretty funny. All of the hospital scenes (beginning and ending) are original to the anime.