Light magic... shouldn't he be able to shoot lasers?

This episode started right off the bat with the Loki & Lucy v. Bixlow fight. The fight was a lot shorter than I had hoped for, but that seems to be a standard for Fairy Tail, short fights. However, I still enjoyed watching them kick Bixlow’s butt. Loki has some pretty cool light based moves and I hope to see more of them in the future. I do like Loki and since Lucy is sort of the main female lead that means we will get much more of Loki as the series progresses. I hope that he has some non-fighting moments as well since he can come in and out of his gate even without Lucy summoning him. The one thing I thought was kind of funny was Bixlow’s face. That dude is one ugly mofo. No wonder he wears a mask..

Gajeel really needs to get a cellphone.

Even with the Mirajane fight yet to come, the most interesting part of this episode was the reveal that Gajeel joined Fairy Tail for some other reason. I don’t know who Ivan is, but he does look like Gajeel’s father, but he obviously has some grudge against Fairy Tail and wants to destroy it. I don’t know if that will be the next arc or not, but I expect it is something that will come up with in the future. I always love it when series set things up and Fairy Tail is doing it quite a bit. There is still the mystery of what happened on that day 10 years ago when the Dragons disappeared. I believe it was all sevens, X777, 7, 7. I just hope that Fairy Tail doesn’t get like Lost and create so many mysteries that they never solve them all.

The "M" in me wants to get his butt kicked by Satan Mirajane.. :3

Now I though the core of this episode was going to be about the Loki fight, but it wasn’t and the Mirajane fight exceeded my expectations. I did get annoyed with Freed because he sounded like a broken record, but Mirajane really is packing a lot of heat with her magic, though, Freed’s rune magic was quite awesome as well. Mirajane’s Satan magic was indeed awesome. The only thing that bugs me is that her magic is obviously really strong, so how did she lose to Elfman when he lost control? Was it just because she didn’t want to beat her brother up? Either way, I hope the mangaka somehow sets up a Mirajane v. Ezra fight. It would be really great to see them two fight it out like the old days, in their fully powered versions.

Next week we finally get to see, arguably, the two strongest members of Fairy Tail fight it out. I really can’t wait to see how Mystogan uses all those staffs he caries.