Someone is going to need a hearing aid..

This episode starts off with Fairy Tails members dealing with Laxus’ Thunder Palace. I thought last week when Ezra gained telepathic abilities that it was kind of strange, but I am glad to see that they at least used a guy who has those powers so the whole guild can talk. That whole exchange got amusing, but when someone tells you that there are floating orbs that can destroy the city, you’d think they wouldn’t need some kind of passionate speech from Lucy. Anywayz, they destoryed them all and in a great scene they all got zapped by them, which I laughed hardcore at. Lucy and Happy’s faces were classic.

Best Happy attack ever~

Back to the fight with Laxus v. Natsu. The fight quickly got one sided, which makes sense, but with the entry of Gajeel the fight started to fair on a more even terms. I might not be a scientist, but Gajeel being a iron Dragonslayer, you would think all of Laxus’ attacks would direct to him since he is very conductible. I loved their combo attack, but would have liked to see more, although I find it hard how fire and iron can work together. Despite it being their first time, they worked quite well together and I would be interested in seeing some kind of team up again or at least a rematch, which might be in the works since Gajeel is some kind of spy for Ivan. You would think he might mention to Laxus that Ivan wants to destroy the guild as well, maybe they would work together. Even still, I have my doubts as if Laxus really wants to destroy Fairy Tail, he probably wants to get kicked out like his father was.


The big reveal for the episode was that Laxus is a Dragon Slayer! I guess it should not be too much of a surprise since the Dragon Slayers all have physical toughness and some kind of elemental type power, just being the fact that Laxus was Markov’s grandson, I figured he didn’t have time to train with a Dragon. More of those scales appear as well, also giving him some unneeded muscles. I hope when Natsu gains that power he doesn’t turn into a beefcake. It does confirm that those deformities that appeared on Natsu during the Tower of Heaven arc were scales. I mentioned in the posting that I read the manga to that point before I stopped and I just thought they were after effects of eating the ether. Also I love the fact that Laxus invoked Fairy Law again, although it being FAIRY Law I doubt it will do anything to everyone.

They should start a boy band! "Dragon Slayer Boys"

Is Markov dying?! I thought it was just Markov not wanting to go through the pain of dealing with Laxus, but it seems like there is more to it than that. Personally I think the outcome of the arc will lead to Laxus getting kicked out, since he has left the reservation, but if Markov is actually dying, that might not be the case. Last thing Markov does before he dies is kick his grandson out of his guild? That would seem terrible. My only question is who would take over Fairy Tail? Maybe Porlyusica might since she is a good friend of Markov, but none of the members really would make a good leader or at least, wouldn’t be able to take over that roll. Although, with Mirajane gaining her powers again, she might make a good leader. Either way, next week looks like will be the conclusion of the Laxus fight, so look forward to that… I know I am.

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