Things are picking up inside Teito Tower as Minato’s Angels take the stairs up to the 120th floor to win the medicine needed for Chiho. It’s fightin’ time up in the house Minaka built.

He doesn't need his Sekirei to kick ass. Just stand there and look pretty, ladies.

Homura easily works his way out of his frozen state and forces Akitsu & Taki to withdraw. We got somewhat of a fight between Homura & Akitsu in episode 5, but it’d been nice with the series closing out to see a bigger fight between fire & ice. Why did they flee so quickly? Good lord, the girls could’ve fought more, but instead Homura is dodging rocket punches and avoiding traps. Meanwhile, Matsu and Kuu are heading for the control center to take over computer system. I love Matsu, but that’s less interesting.

Why doesn't the MBI release this game?

There were plenty of fights, but only one of them was worth watching, another was a snooze, and the third was a surprise fight that should’ve gotten more time and better action. Kazehana vs. Benitsubasa was a decent fight, and while it was some BS to use a trap to take out Kazehana’s ability, I do think Beni could go toe-to-toe with her and wish the Game Master would quit putting his damn footprint in everthing. Tsukiumi vs. Haihane is dumb because it’s going to be that way for the duration of the series. Tsukiumi dominating a fight, Haihane having some kind of trap or trick for her, and Tsukiumi pulling through. It’s much like a sports rivalry that’s not really a rivalry because one team is so much better.

Tsukiumi would be my main.

The surprise fight was Karasuba vs. Mutsu, with a couple of sword users going at it. It was a pretty random fight between two members of the original Disciplinary Squad that had potential to be awesome, but with so much else going on and the tower exploding, the fight ended before it really began. It was a shame that they didn’t do a video game-y animation for the sword fight, but the one problem with each of the fights is them being in Teito Tower, where idiot Game Master resides.

1. Push Down. 2. ???? 3. Settle out of court. 4. PROFIT.

I found it funny that the Sekirei outside were just like, “Hey, maybe we should just beat each other up.” That’s exactly what the Game Master would’ve wanted, to have the Sekirei thin the herd on their own. Sanada took yet another hit in the back of the head, but he keeps on ticking. I would love to see a fight with Sanada and Yukari. Shiina can fight the Sekirei and dissolve Kujika’s clothes and Sanada can see if his family jewels are as strong as that thick skull of his.

Amuro is putting the pwnage on Minaka on PSP.

So Teito Tower is in self-destruct mode, proving that Game Master is a mad man and that the people writing this plot for the anime have lost their minds. He kinda went crazy once Matsu took over his sytems. I said that ~Pure Engagement~ was wanting to go out with a bang, but literally? The Game Master is bearable in the original story, but in the anime, he just comes off as a pompous ass. I never thought about it until this episode, but Minaka is the anime equivalent of Donald Trump. The guy’s a straight-up buffoon and the anime has really wrecked the joy of watching this guy mess around with all his chess pieces.

Anime/Manga Comparison

The show’s gone off the rails. Nothing to report here. In other news, Season 1 of Sekirei is coming out November 23rd stateside. The voice cast list of characters go as follows:

Joel Mcdonald as Minato
Alexis Tipton as Musubi
Lydia Mackay as Tsukiumi
Monica Rial as Miya
Tia Ballard as Kusano
Kelley McHalen as Kazehana
Colleen Clinkenbeard as Matsu