Chidori < Rasengan

We reach the conclusion of the Fighting Festival arc and it was fantastic! I did perdict that nothing would happen with the use of Fairy Law, but not for the reason it actually happened. That proved to be a more interesting take on it. The final fight between Laxus and Natsu was awesome with a lot of great action. I do wish Natsu unleashed some of his own dragon scales because it just would seem right. Having dragon slayer slaying techniques seem a bit strange, especailly since he didn’t use them before. I would love to see a rematch between them, but I doubt that will happen.

Nothing is ever as it seems... I bet Ultear is a man!

Despite being the final episode of this arc a lot happened. We get two major reveals during this episode. First was that Ultear was actually acting as Zeref and manipulating Jellal. Also, aparently she is working for someone called Master Hades. It was an odd time to reveal that though, I only guess it is somehow related to the next reveal.. Maybe Master Hades and Ivan are related in some way or even the same person. Either way, Gajeel is a double-double agent! I questioned why he would join Fairy Tail, then accepted it was under the gise of him wanting to destroy Fairy Tail, but I guess that isn’t the case at all. He really is a Vegeta rip off in the end. The episode also showed us some Igneal and some fairy thingy talking, but I couldn’t really understand what they were getting at. It seemed like they were talking about Natsu, but I am unsure about that.


Markov sickness in the end was such a tease. I felt jaded that they tried to make it such a critical matter, not even a mental issue, but then magically fixed it. Now onto the fate of Laxus, he was expelled! Orriginally I thought Laxus’ goal was to get expelled, but now I honestly have no idea what was going on in Laxus’ head. Maybe he was being manipulated by someone or some organization, or it was all some elaborate act, whether good or bad. His interaction with Markov, Natsu, and at the end when he shed tears all seemed out of place and strange. He said his reason was to make the guild stronger, but that just feels awkward in every way I can imagine.

Where's the "X"?

The point thing at the end was cool, but I have one major problem with it.. I have long defended Fairy Tail as NOT being a rip off of One Piece. People would argue that the art and characters are somehow reminicant of One Piece. I would argue that if you have seen the Mangaka’s other works they have always looked that way, plus there are other titles that have simular art, which in my mind makes it more of an art style than Oda’s own personal style. The characters well… Do you watch/read both One Piece and Fairy Tail? Come on.. The main characters are totally different in every way. With that said, that point scene was WAY to simular to One Piece’s Nakama Mark scene at the end of the Alabasta arc. If anyone were to make that arguement, I would have to agree with them. While the scene was awesome, it just didn’t feel right with me being a fan of both series.

Everything is wrong with this picture...

The last bit of the episode was about Fantasia and it made me giddy like a little school girl. I want to check out the manga of this because the anime did a fantastic job I doubt the manga could have pulled off. It was like a Disneyland parade with all the best effects. I added a bunch of pictures at the bottom of this post just to salute the event. With that, the arc is almost finished up… Almost being, we still haven’t found out who won the Miss Fairy Tail Contest! I kind of want to look it up, but with a fear of spoilers around the corner I shall await the results with ferver anticipation. I don’t know if the next episode has anything to do with the next arc or not, but it seems kind of fillerrific.