Lions, Tigers, and Monkeys, Oh My!

Finally, after the longest month ever we get a look into the new world of One Piece and it looks great! I will say I had my doubts at first, mainly because I looked at the raw, but after reading the translated version they were dispelled and I was still enjoying the same One Piece everyone knows and loves. As a reveal chapter it was interesting, but still left a lot to be desired. With everything said and done, only two of the crew actually met with more reactions and tearful reunions to come. šŸ™‚

My new wallpaper! šŸ˜€

I think the first thing we must start off with are the new looks of the crew. Oda spared nothing when it came to the look and took a big leap for some of the characters. Luffy’s new X shaped scar across the chest gives Luffy a really cool badass look to him. Luffy at times had his moments that made him look pretty pimp, but with the new scar he looks like a more fearful pirate. I can only guess that the open shirt look will be almost a standard for him so he can show it off. Although Zoro didn’t make an actual apearence in the chappter, but he was featured in the spiffy full color page (full image). The only noticeable difference is the scar across his eye. I am not sure whether or not that means he lost his eye, if it was just closed, or if he has some kind of new eye power. Nami has upgraded from hot girl into hot woman! Her new long hair style is quite becoming of her. Ussop has quite the dramatic change, gaining a new more manly look that really took me by surprised.Ā Sanji turned into an old man. He was 19 when the skipped happened, so now he is 21 and looking like a 30 year old. Maybe it is just the facial hair, but it might also be from his heavy smoking and being stuck on a depressing island. Chopper hasn’t changed at all! Maybe it is just because he is in that one form, but more than likely, being as cute as he is, Oda knows if he were to mess with his look, the public outrage would be massive. Robin hasn’t changed at all, besides the longer hair and hippie skirt, she is stillĀ voluptuousĀ as ever! Franky…. Um, he hasn’t made an appearance either, but I am not too thrilled about what I’ve seen. Looks like an old 70’s robot and the shaved head makes him loose his quarky appeal. Brook looks the same, besides a new retro funky suit, which can hopefully be changed out of.

It is kind of sad that I wished the new Franky looked like that guy.

If there is one thing we can get out of their new looks, that is they are no longer rookies. They have a real mature pirate look that should add for some interesting and badass poses. I might miss their fun old look, but there are 598 chapters that have it, so a fresh new start for the second half of the manga should prove to be good. However, even with all their new looks, their personalities seem to all be the same, all though the few lines that Luffy said made him seem more mature, which might not be a good thing, but I haven’t seen enough to say for sure. I was amused by both Ussop and Choppers reaction to seeing theĀ impostors. It was also great when the fake Robin got kidnapped. I’m sure we all were thinking that they were looking at the real Robin when they said they spotter her. Anyway, being an introductary chapter to the new One Piece it was good and really makes me excited to see more! Next week can not come any sooner!

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