Gainax. I could go on and on about just how weird this show is, but really, that one word would suffice. Or perhaps, a better word would be full blown irreverence? Yes, if there is one thing this show is, it’s irreverent. Nothing is sacred or taboo. And you know what? It’s one hell of joy ride. Whether you’re laughing or your jaw is on the floor, this show will get a reaction out of you.

The first monster the girls face is...a giant piece of shit. Seriously.

So, the story for this show is rather simple, Panty, a promiscuous blond bombshell, and Stocking, a sweets-loving gothic lolita, are two angels sent from heaven to battle the evil ghosts bent on destroying the city of townsvil- er, Daten City. Panty takes on the baddies with her trusty pair of panties that turn into a gun, and Stocking uses her, well, stocking that turns into a katana. If there was just one thing I had to say about this show is that it certainly is…unique…

That's right, everytime she uses her weapon, she takes off her panties.

…and hilarious! Panty and Stocking’s antics are great fun to watch, whether it be Panty dragging another random guy into the sack, or Stocking munching on her sweets while having to deal with Panty’s nonsense, it’s all funny. The structure of the show is very similar to Powerpuff Girls and cartoons like it where the episode is split into an A story and a B story, so you get two stories per episode. The first story had the girls solving a mystery of toilets that ate people and culminated in a rather curb stomp battle against a gigantic shit monster. Ironically, most of the first episode was taken up by a very differently, and sexy!, animated transformation sequence.This was easily the highlight of the episode.

The girls get real. And look damn good while doing it.

The B story was definitely more fast paced, which was fitting since the Ghost was vehicle hopping speedster. This episode really showcased how action packed this show will potentially get. The sheer amount of cars and bullets flying in this episode was just crazy. Of course, the sex jokes were flying fast and furious as well.

Bullets everywhere!

So yeah, the promos were a pretty good indicator of how full of craziness this show would be, and Gainax has certainly delivered the most unique experience of this season. As odd as this show is, it may not be to the taste of everyone, but everyone should at the very least check out this first episode to experience just how crazy this is. This is one of the shows that is simulcasting on Crunchyroll, and is available now for premium subscribers. I’ve certainly been a non presence on the blog, but expect that to change as this is one of the shows I’ll be following this season.  I’ll leave you with one last shot of Panty from the sexy transformation scene. Seriously, watch it. You won’t be sorry.

So good.