This is the second edition of Was it worth it! Most people know what Lost is, if you don’t, it was an incredibly popular TV show by the much acclaimed J.J. Abrams, who has worked on such projects like: Alias, Star Trek, Armageddon, and Cloverfield. Lost started in 2004 and ended earlier this year, airing 121 episodes. It is about a group of survivors whose airplane crashed on a mysterious island, where the impact seemed to have caused practically no injury to its passengers. That pretty much sums up the premise of the show. I did not start the show until after it had ended. I always heard a lot about it, but because everyone said you had to watch it from episode 1 on to understand anything, I never even attempted to watch it. After the show ended and I heard a lot of buzz about it, having Netflix made it easy to watch and I just torrented the rest, fairly quickly I might add.

If they look scared, it's probably because they are.. sh*t happens there.

Now you might be asking a few questions: First off, THIS IS A VIDEO GAME AND ANIME BLOG, why am I writing about an American TV Show? Well, it’s my blog! HA! Just kidding, Lost is a lot like video games and anime. It has a clear beginning and end to a story filled with mysteries, unlike most TV shows which are more or less episodic. Second question is, why do a blog on why it was worth watching? Well, more or less, not to spoil anything, Lost had one of the most controversial endings for a TV show. Many people didn’t like it and most complained that there were still dozens of unanswered questions. So I am tacking the show from not a review prospective, because I didn’t like the ending much either, but from was watching all 121 episodes worth my time? Finally, the ultimate question: Was it worth it?

Charlie is teh man and Locke is one scary mofo..

If there was one thing that this show did well, it was it created an amazing set of characters. By far the one thing driving the show. They had compelling back stories to each character, character integration where their back stories would cross unknowingly, emotional responses that made your heart wrench and your skin tingle, and character growth that would make each character very dynamic as the series went on. To top it all off, characters would die often. This would create a huge suspense to the show because yea, that character might die even if you think he/she will be an important part of the show. The second thing the show did very well was that it presented a unique way of telling its story. Essentially, every episode was split into two parts. The past/future and the present on the island. For instance, there would be Jack on the island trying to help people and then they would show some back story that had some kind of relevance to what was happening on the island. This isn’t a new idea, it happens all the time, but this show did it every episode and did it in a way that was far more brilliant than I had ever seen before.

One mystery that is solved, how Hurley stayed fat.

Lost has its hits and misses, some characters aren’t that interesting and there are some arcs that can get annoying. If I were to break down Lost season by season, then in my opinion the first two seasons of Lost are some of the most epic TV you’ll ever see, season 3 has its ups and downs, but overall is good, season 4 and 5 are awkward at best, and season 6 gets back to the first seasons greatness and answers a lot of our questions, although its ending sucks. Nothing can be skipped either, not the awkward seasons and not the end, they all are essential to the story of Lost. Kind of like wading through the bad to get to the good, and man, it is good.

Jack is the one person you shouldn't cross on the Island..

So was it worth it? Yes! No matter how bad the ending was, the experience is one that can’t be missed. Lost really is the decades biggest show and will probably be one of the few shows that will survive history. Every show has its bad points, Lost gave out a lot of expectations and failed to live to them, that is why that show was hit harder with the hate. I think Lost also took too much on and for some mysteries they never explained, I think the writers didn’t think that far ahead and had never even explained them to themselves. Maybe they just wanted to make the island more mysterious by not explaining them, but either way, the characters, the stories behind and ahead of them, all where great, which lead to a more unique experience.

Listen to Locke, his advise will save you! Or condemn you.. either way your probably screw.

One last thing, what about people out there that already know the ending? I know when I started watching Lost I had to avoid spoilers like the plague and it was hard. Thus, it is definitely possible that people have heard it from someone or something. Well, I think it still is worth watching once. As I said, Lost is an experience that is worth watching at least once. The engaging characters and storylines should draw you in enough to where you won’t care too much about knowing the ending. If you don’t know the end and plan on checking it out, don’t look it up! Not knowing the end will make the final season more interesting. If you don’t have Netflix and want to watch the show, there are many places to find downloads. You can try Scene Source which should have some links to direct downloads from major DL sites or you can torrent it from sites like ISOHunt and Lazy Pirate. You can find individual seasons and the entire show, easily downloadable.