After a one week break we get back into Fairy Tail with a spiffy new intro and ending. I am glad that they decided to wait on the new intro instead of putting it up halfway through the current arc. The intros tend to be spoilerrific, but this time it didn’t do much to spoil and made me curious to see what is going on. We do get a look at Lyon coming back and joining up with Gray for a fight, which should be awesome. All I know is that this next arc looks to be interesting and I can’t wait for it to get underway… I say underway because this episode is most¬†definitely¬†a filler. You can tell filler from real stuff because all you have to do is imagine this as a manga chapter and how unfulfilling it would be to read. I did enjoy this episode though, it was a nice change of pace.

It is always nice to see a loli every now and then..

This episode did solve one thing left over from the previous arc, who won Miss Fairy Tail! In the poll I ran here, Ezra won by a land slide, but second place went to Juvia, and third by only one vote went to Lucy. I find it interesting that the Fairy Tail results were Ezra, Lucy, then Juvia, close to what ours where. I wonder if the mangaka ran a popularity contest and just picked the victors from there or something. Ezra does seem to take all the popularity points, but I still like Juvia~

He really needs singing lessons..

The episode started out with Lucy finding out that she was going to have a “fateful” encounter. This encounter was obviously the loli character that she actually didn’t meet, just passed by. Much to my fellow admin Amuro’s joy, the one thing this series lacked was a loli and I am curious to see what kind of active roll she will take place in the coming arc. The random writer A character was dull and just added for filler in the episode. I was annoyed that he was head over heals for Cana but was merely attracted to Lucy. Not that Cana isn’t beautiful, just that her and Lucy are on the same level at the very least.

This dude really needs some sense knocked into him.

The reporter with his bad Engrish and lack of Lucy love also annoyed me, but really that was all just to drive the episode along. Other than that there really isn’t much to talk about. Next episode also looks like it could be a filler episode, but that is alright with me cause it looks like it could be a lot of fun.

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