I think Oda pulled down his pants and took a shit on his character.

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Yea, I know it is late, I will blame Franky’s new look and my complete and utter disappointment to it being late. That is the biggest news to come out of this chapter, we finally get to see a full look at Franky’s redesign and it is quite downer. In my opinion, it is the worst thing to ever come out of One Piece, even the anime, with crappy filler moments. I have lost all intrest in his character after this and I hope he takes a back seat when it comes to the crew. That sucks because I loved every character until now. I hope Oda stops smoking the crack and gets off his nostalgia 70s robot vibe and figures out a way to turn Franky into something better than what he is now.

You thought Zoro couldn't be anymore badass..

Other than that, the only thing to talk about is Zoro’s kickass entrance and Sentoumaru’s comeback. Sentoumaru coming into the picture is probably only there to test Luffy’s new haki abilities. I am looking forward to that, but I am also interested to see if Sanji or Zoro has them. I would bet on them since they both were training with really powerful teachers. Now Zoro’s entrance was great and it really made me laugh hard. I am so glad Zoro hadn’t changed at all, but it would’ve been funnier for him to have gone all the way down to Merman Island and had the crew go down to get him. It also cleared up whether or not he lost an eye or not. I don’t think it is gone, I think it is some kind of training thing, like tying an arm around his back or he has some kind of power that he is developing. I do like how it is opposite of Sanji’s eye, kind of gives them more of a rival balance, which is one of my favorite things about them.

Luffy's new Haki abilities could come in handy at the dinner table.

Next week should be exciting, I am just biding my time since they still haven’t met up yet. I really feel like Oda should’ve released like a 60 page chapter on his comback so we can get a full experince in one siting instead of waiting week after week. I know we all want the crew to be united again. One Piece is One Piece because of The Straw Hat Pirates being together. As much as I love Luffy, one character can’t run the show, we need them all. That is why One Piece has lasted for so long.