Do you mind the glass? Do you also mind second episodes of series not being all that good? If you’re alright with that, then pucker up and read my impressions of Star Driver’s second episode.

Kisses shouldn't have a Windex-y taste to it.

The minding of glass is in reference to the episode’s opening sequence. We know Sugata and Wako are betrothed, but this new girl (Mrs. Kanako Watanabe) is already married and she seems to have no problem kissing random guys through glass. It’s one of those things where you know it’s going to play into the climatic scene of an episode, but honestly, I’m dumbfounded by just how weird and uninteresting this “plot device” is.

A furious display of Takuto's "O" face.

Star Driver 01 was very odd in its pacing, and SD 02 gives off the impression early on that we’re going to be taken at a slower pace and introduce more of the school aspect of the series. We’re brought into this section of the school with a club called the Night Flight Drama Club, where Takuto is actually kind of showing off the source of his powers. This scene was bad because they really didn’t tell us anything we had not known before. I said last week that I rather the show develop more, but I guess we’ll just have to be more patient. Cut to underneath Southern Cross Academy, and we have a scene properly introducing leaders of the division of Kirahoshi. Girls with big breasts and nice, long stems… and one guy thrown in. So like the scene in the club room, there’s an opportunity to go a little bit more into detail regarding the Glittering Star, but they really only address Takuto showing up. For some reason, the crowd randomly cheering and such in that scene was funny to me.

Cybody of the Week.

The second half of the episode maybe explains that there’s some kind of special ability members of Glittering Star has. Scarlet Kiss (aka the school RA) almost gets with Takuto in the bathing area, and then she sees one of her Filament minion guys outside and starts randomly making out with him, which charges him up to get into a Cybody. Once Zero Time is activated, time stops and only Cybodies can move around. I get them kidnapping Wako and then Takuto charging in last week, but in this episode, they were just hanging out. Suddenly Zero Time swallows them in. The action was almost a duplicate of last week, but with the Glittering Star Beam added to show off more of Tauburn’s powers. We do get something about Shindou apparently being reluctant to help in creating the “ultimate Cybody”.

Women love battle scars.

I really don’t know what is up with this show. Episode 2 was a disappointment for me because I had hoped we would see something else rather than a close-to-carbon-copy of episode 1. Most of the first two episodes are just so sudden that it’s difficult to comprehend what the purpose of the show is. I’m wondering if I’m watching Star Driver incorrectly; maybe this is as much as their is to it, and I should watch mainly for the FABULOUS aspect of it. On our Fall 2010 preview episode, Code Geass and Gurren Lagann came up as comparisons, and those episodes did supremely better in their initial setup of the plot. Everything looks great in Star Driver, the mecha battle this week was pretty good. For right now, the potential that I see in this show still has yet to be tapped.

The Babes of Kirahoshi: