I wonder if anyone has studied the migratory patterns of the panty?

After doing the season preview with the crew here, Amu-chan made a great case for me to watch Sora no Otoshimono and after finding out that the main character was voiced by the legendary Hoshi Souichirou, I had to watch it. It is only a 13 episode series with one OAD, so I managed to marathon it in a few hours. If you don’t know anything about this show, it is about Sakurai Tomoki a normal, albeit perverted, high school student that lives in a relatively peaceful town in southern Japan. He enjoys living in the town because he wants to live an uneventful normal life. However, his peaceful days come to an end when a crazy black hole opens up sending Ikaros, a beautiful winged girl, rocking down into the ground. Tomoki jumps into action saving her life, however by doing so he becomes her master. Ikaros turns out to be an Angeloid, an advanced life form created to serve a master, with incredible powers.

Ikaros can kick some ass when she needs to.

As a whole I found this series fairly entertaining. This wasn’t the best ecchi comedy I have ever watched nor were the characters very original, but what it did offer was a fun experience and a quick watch. The cast was very cookie cutter though. Tomoki, while a great lead, was your typical perverted highschool student that will go to any lengths to enjoy the tasty treats of the opposite sex. There is Mitsuki Sohara the childhood friend who is secretly in love with Tomoki, but when ever his perverted nature takes hold, she unleashes her fury on him. Then there is Ikaros, the emotional-less android like being that follows Tomoki’s every will and every time she tries to do something “good” it ends up back firing on Tomoki. More characters get introduced as time goes on, but like the others, they offer little new to their genre. That doesn’t mean the characters were boring, they actually did work well together and I often enjoyed watching them. The voice actors, headed by Hoshi Souichirou do a great job in bring life to their characters.

When a guy turns into a girl, this is always where he will end up.

They also put a lot of effort into the shows, bringing back gags and doing little things to push the story along, but still not forgetting what had happened in past episodes.  Another way you can tell the show has had a lot of effort put into it was how ever episode had a new ending, song and animation. A great example would be the second episode, where Tomoki had turned all the women’s underwear into bird like creatures, it featured the underwear traveling across the planet with serene music, which added to the hilarity 10 fold. The comedy isn’t going to win any awards, like the characters, it is a very typical comedy that you find in shows like this. However, with effort they put into the anime as a whole, I do think the comedy rarely got old, they did repeat a lot of gags, but kept it fresh enough for the 13 episodes that every episode was entertaining.

When an anime shows its protagonist pinching his own nipples in front of an entire audience, then you know you're watching something special.

One thing I want to highlight is that the show has a very engaging plot. Again, it isn’t spectacular, but it is very interesting. They have a hole back story of the “New World,” Which is an advanced civilization that lives in an invisible kingdom that floats around the world. It references instances of when Angel like beings had come down and reeked havoc on the world throughout history, and this is where they came from. This adds for small, but satisfying amounts of action and serious moments that brings a new dynamic to the anime. Which helps ease the very generic nature of the comedy. I often found my self engaged curious to find out what happens next. There really is no tear jerking moments, but I did end up caring more about the characters.

FYI, never piss off Ikaros.. She can destroy an entire nation with one arrow.

There is no nudity in this series, but there are a lot of ecchi moments that are just as enjoyable. In one episode Tomoki becomes Tomoko the cute and clumsy transfer student girl, thanks to Ikaros’ powers, and manages to get invited to the womens bath. Again, there was no nudity, but there was a lot of great groping action. The TV episodes are edit, but there are DVD releases, but they don’t show much more than what wasn’t seen. Although, the bath scene was better without all the fog. This series sticks with what it does best, it goes to the extreme every time it can and it does it well. Most of the comedy is driven by Tomoki, but the other characters have a lot of great comedic moments as well. One thing I like about the show is that it often goes into chibi mode, the main character is almost always in this mode, and it does it well.

When you thought the series couldn't get any lower, it manages to surprise you with one of the best insert songs you will ever hear.

I would argue that this series is worth watching, with a season two airing now, it shows that there will be more and while season one ended with questions, we should get some of them answered this season. So if you like over the top ecchi comedies like DearS, Inukami, and He Is My Master mixed with a bit more serous overtones then this show is right for you.

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