Episode 3 of Star Driver basically plays out the same way episode 2 did. Watanabe (Adult Bank) teases Takuto at school by telling him that she has a husband who lives in Paris and that she gets lonely in bed. To heighten the fantasy moreso, she employs him as a pool boy, cleaning the pool on her expensive yacht. We’re heading toward some porno, right? A little Takuto_x_Watanabe action? If only…

Takuto doing an impression of all of us in our high school days.

This week’s opponent to take on Takuto was Takashi, one of Adult Bank’s minions who fights on the request of Simone. He’s a good fencer as seen earlier, but Takuto cheats and dual wields two swords to defeat him. Another enjoyable action sequence, but the show is lacking substance at the moment.

If you stop reading the blog here, you won't miss much. Back to staring!

There are some good things to come from this episode. For one, I felt this episode is a better version of episode 2, we learn that Cybodies aren’t the easiest to rebuild,  and the scene with Wako at the end was sweet, with her changing her text message from “That’s dumb.” to “Kind of” in regards to how hot Takuto is. There’s also something about Takashi not having a mark, so the significance of that has yet to be determined.

Emerald and an unnamed 12th blade take out Takashi.

For the preview for Episode 4, it looks like Takuto and Wako will get some quality time together, which is much needed since episodes 1-3 were essentially boring first halfs followed by action-packed second halfs.

Takashi's porn must be good if it's getting Watanabe hot and nekkid.

I’ve decided that setting my expectations and the bottom is the best path to take with Star Driver. I came into episode 3 not really expecting anything, and while it didn’t exceed expectations, I can still enjoy the incredible animation and like Takuto as a main character.

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