Gray never looked so pretty~

This week is another filler, but from what I heard, next week the series gets back to the manga. However, even though it was a filler episode, I found it quite hilarious. The episode acted in two parts, first we have the Lucy thinking Natsu is in love with her, thanks to some help from Mira, and the second part comes from my favorite girl, Juvia trying to give Gray a love potion, which turns out to be a rival or “hot-blooded” type of potion. Both of those lead to some great moments, some unforgettable laughs, and some great dance moves by Plue. There really isn’t a whole lot to say about this episode so I will get to it.

I would put my money on Ezra, that Pillar looks kind of weak.

The funnier part of the episode was definitely the Juvia side of the story. I did feel like the narrator over played the story saying it almost brought Fairy Tail to the brink of destruction. Because the narrator said that I was expecting a bit more of a show, but overall it was brilliant. All the rivals were funny, especially the Gray and Ezra rivals. I laughed hard at Ezra going to a pillar and threating it, with latter having a bunch of swords stuck randomly in it because she was attacking it. Gray wanting to fight Happy over flight was funny too. Especially at the end when he started running down the side of the building. I do think they could’ve made a large scene out of him jumping off with a great ballet or something, but they did a good job in their own right.

It makes me wonder why men aren't after Lucy.. She has everything you would want in a girlfriend.

It is a fairly popular for fans to create Lucy and Natsu love fan fiction, so it is funny to see the anime creators taking the time to make a filler episode about it. I loved how Lucy was suddenly all shy and nervous once Mira pointed it out to her. Natsu did a good job of keeping his intentions vague, even if a buried photo album of embarrassing pictures next to a tree is a completely ridiculous idea. When Lucy called cancer to get her hair done then proceeding to knock him out because she was too embarrassed was a great touch. I do feel like it is a bit one patterned by the anime producers since just the last filler episode had her calling him because of another love interest. I did like the end when Lucy slapped the crap out of Natsu even though it wasn’t his fault at all. It added a great moment and Natsu’s expression was classic.

Never mess with a woman during that time of the month..

That is all I really have to say about the episode. I am looking forward to next week as Lucy is going to make her way home and Virgo is going to make an appearance. I am still curious about whether or not this has anything to do with the opening. I am real excited to see that arc take off as it looks to be an action packed one.

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