And there sentences are… not much, really. Yukimura and Matabei get to leave freely and Muneakira and Jubei are to live with Sen. Sure, Mune gets to live with 3 girls (2 of them which are hot for him), but I think Yukimura got the better end of the deal.

Those little elbow nudges always hurt like a mofo.

Before that, as Jubei was training with Matabei, Yuki and Mune got to talking about who Jubei’s general is. It’s revealed later on in the episode, based off of an earlier theory by Yukimura, that Muneakira is her general. How that could happen is a mystery since not only men can have the title of general, but it can only be done in a ceremony hall inside Edo Castle. It’s also explained that once Jubei turns yellow-eyed, Muneakira is chained down and not able to move. It’s actually a kind of an interesting plot point early in the series, so I’m hopeful that one episode, Muneakira can break out of those chains when necessary.

Snoop Jubei Dawg

The somewhat comedic element was the dinner scene with Sen insulting Mune’s cooking as Jubei ate all of it, as your strongest characters in anime usually do. While Mune’s reaction to Jubei pushing her breasts up against and being rather ~sexy~ with him is fitting for most anime males, the fact that he doesn’t think of the possibility of them being brother and sister makes it just a odd scene to take in. Sen getting jealous almost got something out of Jubei, only to have her reveal her true identity as… a doggy. I think the blue-eyed Jubei does retain some knowledge of what her yellow-eyed self is doing, but is too afraid to talk about it. She’s probably gonna have to train a lot more, as I can forsee a moment where Jubei might need to fight without her more evil self.

Since Sen doesn't have a painting of herself, I will make one now. Alright, two big circles...

What is an interesting side story is the spirited away incidents. Students are being kidnapped from the school, and Sen is of the belief, based on her brother’s opinion, that Yukimura and Matabei are involved. This is where Yoshihiko will factor into the show, assuming he’s the bad guy and that Yuki and Beta aren’t really in the wrong. It may be something that might be easy to call, but it’s still nice to see an ecchi anime build in an interesting story separate from finding out more about Jubei. Later on, evil Jubei comes out (after kissing Muneakira), and Yuki and Beta’s plan to stop her doesn’t work out as planned.

You sure that taunting Jubei's a good idea?

Samurai Girls went from a pretty good show to actually intriguing this week with the bits of story discussed. The art style and set pieces continue to look great and the music actually has me looking forward to an OST release; it’s quite good. Aoi Yuuki impresses this week with a full display of both good and evil Jubei. The evil thing is actually debatable since Yukimura’s attack did not work on her. The one problem is, with maybe the exception of Hanzo, all the girls have likable traits. So tough to choose a woman to get behind! Luckily, I can enjoy them all without getting scolded by Sen.

The art in Samurai Girls is really something.

(Also of note, it’s been reported that AT-X is airing Samurai Girls censored. It’s kind of confusing now, because Motto To Love Ru is being aired uncensored there while Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ was aired censored. I guess it’s some kind of selective thing that the producers are involved with. The first DVD is scheduled for a November 25th release, so when that day comes, give thanks for an ink-free release of Samurai Girls, and stay tuned at Anivision for comparisons. If you want a glimpse now, there are DVD promos online you can download. Maybe I’ll be a cool dude and post some NSFW screens later.)

The Breast of the Rest:

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