I liked the dress before it was ripped, but after is soooo much better~ <3

This week gets back from the filler only to start what I think is going to be the next arc. If it wasn’t for the episode preview I would’ve thought this was just going to lead into a filler arc. The mummy guild just seemed so fake, especially with all the monkey faces. Maybe it still is going to lead into a bit of filler, like the Alabasta Arc in One Piece, where Ace joined the Straw Hats for a while in the middle of the arc. I did read somewhere that the anime was fairly close to the manga, only one arc difference. I kind of like the way Shippuden does their filler by adding really long filler arcs. It is much better than doing it the way One Piece is currently doing it or the way Naruto Shippuden did it to start with, by drawing out the current arc so much that it just adds a bunch of running around and random character commentary to fights.

Why didn't she just tell them that she is a Fairy Tail wizard?

Overall the episode was very funny, which kind of hurt the more personal moments I didn’t find very traumatic. I liked the way she first interacted with her father in the series, but him needing money like that and her being distressed, wasn’t very emotionally impacting IMO. Also, if Gray had been following them how come he didn’t see that interaction? Gray’s entrance was funny. I always liked how the manga had him nude versus the anime which puts him in his shorts, but I loved how he was just running around the city in his underwear. Something that doesn’t get noticed much anymore, probably because he is in a kind of shorts, which doesn’t make as much of an impact as being nude.

Greatest Lucy attack ever! Makes me want to get kicked... :3

Lucy taking out the entire guild wasn’t too impressive either, just because they were kind of a joke. I also wonder why they though the Army couldn’t take care of them, sure they had magic, but it wasn’t that strong. I just felt like I was oversold that it was going to be a much bigger problem than it actually was. I did love the Virgo scenes. Virgo is such a great character and it makes me glad since I am also a Virgo~ I wonder if I have M tendencies¬†as well. Either way this was a solid episode and I am excited to see how this arc unfolds. Seeing a lot of guilds in the opening and ending made me wonder what kind of arc would it be. I thought it might be some kind of tournament or team challenge thing, but looks like it will be like a United Nations type gathering to deal with the dark guilds.

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