This episode was a comedic episode that actually has a bit of a payoff. The whole episode was Yukimura’s obesssion with trying to kiss Muneakira to see if it’s primarily his lips that are responsible for making a girl a Master Samurai, and not necessarily a pact between him and Jubei. Episodes of anime series like these, especially when they’re done so early on in the series, usually leave a bad taste in my mouth. Here, however, it kind of works because there are good scenes, it gives a satisfying answer to the question posed in the episode, and then there’s the nudity. Not the Muneakira nudity, though female fans might wish for all censorship to be gone in that bath scene. Kugimiya Rei was just awesome this episode as Yukimura.

This episode was a reminder that this is a comedic series as well. We’ve seen some comedy, but the drama and story had dominated the first 3 episodes. Normally in this situation, I might have grief with the episode for diverting away from something interesting in lieu of a comedic endeavor, so it’s surprising for me to post in a rather positive manner in regards to this week’s Samurai Girls episode.

Since the episode really relied on the whole premise of the kiss, I think it’s best to go play-by-play style and then post the breast of the rest at the end.

I'd kiss it if she told me too.

Yuki wants to go inside Muneakira's mouth, but Sen intends on preventing her.

By the shape of the water splash, you should know who's in the water.

Yukimura gets some learning material in preparation for kissing Mune.

Don't let your heart waver, Yukimura. Just let the magic happen.

Mune's gone through hell. Yukimura better make it worth it.

Something's not right with this scene...

...ah, that's right! There were clothes in that scene!

Yukimura is now everyone's favorite character. <3

I think Mune's censorship is only required upwards.

Now is Yuki's chance to totally ra... oh wait, she just wants the kiss.

Will it work?

So kissing Muneakira does make you a master samurai.

The dangler is out. I repeat, the dangler is out. Run girls!

The Breast of the Rest:

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