"Normal is best for us humans."

Welcome to Anivision 2.0 or what I dubbed: The Anivision Blog! When we relaunched Anivision in August I felt like there where a lot of bugs and unnecessary design aspects put into it. I am an experienced web designer, but I never really dealt with WordPress nor have I really ever messed with the code very much, so as I developed the first look it was mostly a learning experience for me. After a few months and much learning I felt like I could make something much better. Originally I develop a, if I say so my self, a pretty bad-ass skin and design, which I labeled Anivision Reloaded. Despite the fact it was named after a terrible movie it was actually pretty cool and unique design, however, it was never meant to be, in other words the other admins vetoed my genius. That is when I went back to the drawing board and design this, a much cleaner and normal design because as Kousuke said, “normal is best for us humans.”

There are still a few bugs and design qualms I must address, but decided to launch anyway because I will be busy with RL stuff and won’t get much time over the next couple of days, so feel free to tell me any ideas or problems you might have so I can improve this site in anyway possible. I do value feedback, because as the other admins can attest to, I tend to have pretty wild ideas so I definitely need any help I can get. Constructive criticism always leads to better things!

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