I would probably everything on the menu as well.. :3

Episode 52 officially marks the start of the next arc with old, new, and some rather creepy characters being added into the mix. Overall the episode was great. I loved how it started off with some funny and sexy moments with the crew working at a family restaurant, which just so happened to be owned by Master Yajima. I nearly shat myself when I saw Gray in nothing but a bow tie and underwear. Ezra was even better by seducing the customers into buying the entire menu. Even though it was a lot of comedy, there was an important role that job played in the Fairy Tail Verse.. It let us know that the council was being reformed into a new body. That clears up a lot of answers for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole Tower of Heaven was a ploy by Master Hades to install a puppet council in place so he can control them.

Kind of looks like a smiley face if you squint hard enough.

After learning about the Dark Guilds I think we all should have a much clearer understanding of how everything works. I liked how they linked the guilds by an alliance instead of one massive body all working together. It felt almost like a WWII setting and it leaves a lot of room for expansion without making it so big that it will take either an entire war or several years of manga to finish off the story. I think getting into this arc should prove quite interesting, especially since the good guilds also formed an alliance.

Ezra has a bad case of the "Do Not Wants."

I think their arrival at the mansion was great, but it did feel a bit long winded. Like they put too much effort into a few moments and I really felt like it needed to end. I thought the Blue Pegasus guys were really annoying and I hope their host like characters get beaten terribly. I kind of suspect that if not all of them, some of them will be saved by Lucy and Loki, while Loki teaches them what it truly is to be a gentleman. Although, the best part about the BP guys was defiantly when the small creepy one said that Ezra was his girlfriend. Ezra’s reaction to him was fantastic. I loved how she even pulled a spear on him at the end of the episode. Lyon coming back wasn’t a surprise if you watch the openings, but none the less, he was far more hostile than I expected. I know Gray and Lyon aren’t the hugging type, but I expected more sparks than intense glares. Sherry’s new look was quite spectacular. I did like her old goth teen look, but her new mature look is quite nice. Don’t forget the much needed loli in the series!

Goth look great, Sexy look greater~

The scene with the entire good alliance at each other throats on to be calmed down by some ancient Mayan looking dude was great as well. Sets the tone for the arc since none of them can get along. I really think the battles should be pretty hardcore for this arc. The Oración Seis terrorist organ.. err, I mean dark guild looks a bit lame though. Even though we didn’t get a good look at them, their names and what we did see was quite disappointing. I just hope the battles are great. They are suppose to be some of the strongest dark wizards, so I am expecting something over the top when it comes to the combat in this arc. One last thing I just thought about, I don’t know if they where in the last episode, but I totally dug the Chibis during the episode break.  <3

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