So this episode goes just a tad bit into Yoshihiko and his secret dealings, but really, this episode is meant to fulfill our fantasies of seeing the girls laying on the beach in sexy bikinis.

This should surely get Mune's attention.

If you’ve made it to this paragraph without dropping the show already based on my excerpts, you can enjoy Samurai Girls the way it’s meant to be enjoyed: without taking it too seriously, checking online to see when the DVD’s will be released and when I’m going to post comparisons.┬áThe comedy in this episode, as it’s been with Samurai Girls, has been really fun to watch. I felt that the thing with Muneakira squirting the soap on Kanetsugu was the writing staff not committing to the concept of Mune totally just jizzing all over her, but everything else was great. But that whole scene with Sen and Yuki showing off and Mune feeling like he needs to meet the parents is a funny situation, and even the opening scene with Sen trying to go on a mini vacation, it’s funny how Matabei just randomly jumps in and forgets how to where clothes at night. There aren’t moments where I burst out laughing, but the situations are entertaining and amusing.


Can the school-issued swimsuit truly reign supreme? I agree with Yukimura here, but it just isn’t the right girl saying it in the right place. The one-piece suit may provide an unfortunate amount of coverage on a woman, but too much coverage doesn’t leave much to the imagination. There’s a sense of innocence and shyness that makes a girl in a one-piece swimsuit so damn desirable! Getting back to Samurai Girls, I say wrong place, wrong time for Yuki because, seriously, look at Sen. Damn. I’m totally throwing my football in front of her.

Mune shoots, he scores... all over Kanetsugu.

A fun action scene concluded this episode (something missing from the past couple episodes) as the 3 master samurai girls save Kanetsugu from the demon that took over her body and combined with her. Jubei is still a very different personality from how she usually is and still can’t transform by herself, but her master samurai personality seems much more obedient than back in episode 3. That’s probably thanks to having Sen & Yukimura, a couple girls that could actually give Jubei a run for her money in a fight. Sen wants to talk about something as the episode ends, which likely means results from the server room plus more about Yoshihiko.

Breast of the Rest:

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