Sweet digs, Kanetsugu.

This episode isn’t nearly as fun as the last 3 have been. The idea of Hanzo having a story never seemed appealing to me, and the tale of her being assigned to protect Princess Sen is as trite as it can get. The idea that she would’ve been made a master samurai was interesting, but she denied herself that opportunity to lock lips with Muneakira. Now here’s where it gets bothersome. Had she denied the kiss and then beaten the enemy, bravo to her. But no, instead, she traps the enemy close to her, and Sen and (of all people) Kanetsugu defeat the demon.

I wonder if Jubei still may have some of Muneakira on her lips to put on Hanzo.

Kanetsugu was the funnier part of the episode, with her stupidity coming out in full force and her new home, “MY COTTAGE!”, but unlike past episodes, it was the only comedic thing that worked on any level. Jubei did the thing from back in episode 3 where she acted like she knew the voice, only to jokingly say, “I don’t know”. It’s really a strange formula for the show to start off with a rather serious plot subject, and then go “monster of the week” by the end of it. I still think Samurai Girls is a fun show, but I feel like Yoshihiko needs to come into play more in the coming weeks.

This creature's a pervert. Kick its balls, Sen.

This week, Hanzo gets in the bath with Jubei. I’ll let the pictures in the Breast of the Rest speak for themselves. The preview for next week shows pictures of Yagyuu Gisen, the 3rd Yagyuu to come on the show.

Breast of the Rest:

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