Hey everyone! I hope 2011 is off to a decent start for all of you, and I also hope you had fine Christmases filled with joy and whatever was under those trees! I’ve been playing some Vanquish, and really enjoying the action and the sliding mechanic Sam’s suit has.

2010 was a fine year for the Anivision and the podcast. We produced 46 regular episodes and 4 seasonal anime previews, we’ve left grou.ps and blogspot behind in favor of the new anivision.org, and we’ve welcomed a number of friends and guests onto the show.

As you’re aware by this point, we took a couple weeks off of the podcast, but we’ll be back strong later this week with our 2010 Anivision Awards Presentation. This year, we’re including anime into the ceremony, so we will have an AotY and GotY, both who will likely be headed straight for the Anivision Hall of Fame.

Another podcast topic we’ll be discussing soon is a Romance/Drama anime topic featuring Amagami SS, Yosuga no Sora and The World God Only Knows. Yosuga and God Only Knows ran in line with the second half of Amagami SS and each show had a unique take on the romance/drama anime formula, so we’ll review those shows while talking about our favorite parts of each series. Look forward to incest talk at that time.

And we also will have the Winter 2011 Anime Preview episode for you around the middle of this month. Some interesting shows in the mix including season 2 of podcast-favorite Kimi ni Todoke, Freezing and Beelzebub.

So thanks to everybody for a great 2010, and we’ll talk to you later this week, on the podcast.
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