Episode 2 means round 2 of the Satellizer vs. Genessa duel. Is Kazuya going to mess this one up for Brigette, too?

"Please Kazuya, put your face in between MY breasts!"

Genessa Roland takes advantage of Satellizer getting Kazuya’s head stuck in between her breasts to win the Carnival and become the top rank amongst the 2nd years at Genetics. How Ganessa can truly find satisfaction in winning in such a fashion is baffling, but hey, she doesn’t exactly seem like the most glowing woman we’ve ever seen. Or, well, I’ll hold off on that glowing comment for a few moments. Anyways, can someone remind President Shiffon that Kazuya is the brother of the most famous Pandora ever? Guy just got here, and he’s got it in his genes; let’s not act to rash about this whole “he touched her” situation.

Should Kazuya be horrified or aroused? You make the call...

The whole episode was strictly about the rematch between Satellizer and Genessa, as the end result of the first fight was Satellizer leaving with a busted right eye and the need for a cane to walk. The episode stuck with the manwha, finishing chapter 1 and going into little things of chapter 2, like Kazuya meeting Arthur and the new slut girl wanting Kazuya as her limiter. The fight was quite enjoyable, and though it didn’t pack quite the violent punch episode 1 had, a girl being chained up and being struck with spinning circular saws definitely is painful. While things did follow the story, one design change is rather prominent; that being the Pandora Mode that both Genessa and Brigette went into. On the show, the girls have a white glow to them, but in the manwha, they are much more reminiscent of the Novas that they are trained to fight. I fear getting into it too much will spoil, so I’ll cut myself off here and divert more into what I’m most accustomed to discussing, which is nudity. 🙂

A lesser man would go for it...

Once again, Genessa is given time with ripped clothing, to the point to where she looks like she might’ve gotten tired from running the school’s Naked Mile event. And by the way, if Genetics doesn’t have that event at their school, then guys clearly aren’t running things there. And I promised more Brigette, and we get it not only in the instance of violence, but in a more sensual scene in the shower. And also, the show continued where it left off from the first episode, showing many panning shots of Brigette’s cleavage.

Brigette likes her chest just as much as we do. (See gallery for more.)

Speaking of nudity, the censored version recently came out, and it’s not just annoying to not see boobs, but it’s plain unwatchable. I have a couple screens underneath, which begs the question, “why bother airing it?” It’s dumb on many levels. One, the superior uncensored version airs BEFORE the censored version, and the censored version gets a proper widescreen airing. Whatever, I suppose.

Breast of the Rest:

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